Who are these non-Catholic "Catholics?"


Here’s a listing of alternative “Catholics.” Anybody want to enlighten me?

This i have never seen or heard of but watching the side pictures it looks like their priests are women. Another man or in this case women made up church. Wow hipocrasy knows no bounds!:shrug:

Beats me. Not anyone I know. But I suspect some females in sacerdotal garments might be found amongst them.



From the second post, I suppose I’m correct.

Thankfully, the list is short

I found this on their website:

These communities are a living, **dynamic part **of the larger Church. Many are living out the changes being called for by Catholics throughout the world. They may be served by male or female, married or single priests. They are inclusive communities welcoming all to Christ ’s table including many rejected by church officials: divorced and remarried Catholics, people of different sexual orientation, and people of other faith traditions.

Perhaps an ultra cafeteria-Catholic sect, break away, making up their own rules as they go; just not my cup of tea.

It’s more of a political statement, than an intentional Community as they say. A monastery, an abbey, is an intentional community.

What they’re doing is going outside the Church and setting their own rules, however “based” on the Church they may be. Those who are unhappy with the truth, and don’t want to be in the arms of Holy Mother Church, can go to these small catholic (small-c) faith Communities.

They might be part of the sedevacantists “Catholics”, who claim that the Popes after Vatican II are invalid and that the Peter’s chair is empty.

No I think they’re more bound to believe that all the Popes BEFORE Vatican II were invalid :stuck_out_tongue:

The answer is in part of the title – they are “non-catholics” (lower case ‘c’) practicing heresy – and that’s what it is. Here’s another part of the answer from their website:

“Many of these communities have their roots in the Roman Catholic Church’s Second Vatican Council.”

No, the Council Fathers did not intend for this kind of thing to happen, but IMHO this sort of write your own catechism and build your own church behavior is to be expected when we let “ecumenism” run wild. If it is perceived that there is no one Absolute Truth (which belongs to the true Roman Catholic Church alone) and/or that there is a bit of truth over here and little bit over there, it’s not all that surprising that people fall into mistaking their own false concepts for “truth”.

I like the way Michael Voris puts things into perspective:

“Catholicism is an ALL OR NOTHING proposition. … We aren’t called to compromise. … Who wants half truth? Who wants three quarters truth? 98% truth is still a lie. It is still false … There is no truth outside of the Catholic Truth. … There is no such thing as ‘competing truth’.”

(Note: “No truth outside of the Catholic Truth” is NOT the equivalent of saying everyone who isn’t Catholic is going to hell.)

I will be praying for these folks. May they see the Truth (capital ‘T’) and return to Holy Mother Church.

God Bless.


as i read the history of the Roman Catholic church and the Catholic bible i become more aware of how important it is to me to be a Catholic.
i don’t judge other groups
if it doesn’t include the Nicene creed and the Pope I tend not to listen to their views,

i was not always this way, there was a time when going to church or reading the bible were not important to me- but Christ called and he opened the door for the proper place for me, come to think of it- i don’t think that door was ever closed

That would be most unlikely, most sedevacatanist groups wouldn’t touch these groups with a barge pole as most of sedevacantist groups would have entirely differing outlooks on the issues they seem to be concerned with.

:newidea: Perhaps you could contact one of the listed groups and invite them to CAF to talk about their beliefs.


“Rev. Jim David was ordained a Roman Catholic Priest in 1985. He resigned from the Roman Catholic clerical order in 1993 to continue to work for reform in the church. He continues his ministry as a priest in good standing in the Ecumenical Catholic Church. Rev. Marie David is an ordained priest in the Community of Roman Catholic Womenpriests and also serves as a priest in good standing in the Ecumenical Catholic Church. They minister to Roman Catholics who find themselves not accepted by officials in the church and others who seek to have God in their lives.”

Judging from the resort setting on the sponsors’ home page, these are “SEDE VACATIONISTS” :slight_smile: offering a Genesis remix. No male-female marriage exclusively; no “Sin of Adam” exclusively so Mrs. Priestess can atone for the “Sin of Adam & Eve.” Charming. We have a woman, life-bearer, offering the life of a gender-other, “Christ” on the altar. The human sacrifice overtones are not good. :frowning:

*Where’s the Woman & Seed grant of power and authority to prosecute the enmity against Lucifer and his minions per the Genesis 3:15 mandate? She’s busy taking credit for the “Sin of Adam” which has in popular culture throughout the ages led to violence against women. So in the Middle Ages when Eve was getting blamed for the “Sin of Adam” (something Adam himself tried to foist on God’s gift, Woman) women were marginalized in law. Why not? She’s cast in pop culture as the tempter, not Satan. Woman’s role is popularized for the worse in this pop catholicky people-pleasing God-queasying, woman-teasing wedding franchise. *

*So there’ll be no consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart. Woman has no distinct role. There will be no unleashing of the Woman of Genesis 3:15, God’s curse upon Lucifer, from what was given as the “only” means to a period of peace at Fatima, Portugal. So Russia will continue to spread her errors and the continued annihilation of nations. The price of oil will go up as Russia continues to pump nuclear materials and arms into the Middle East. But so what? These hippies probably don’t drive SUV’s anyway. It’s all good and “in the spirit of Vatican II.” *

“Jesus wept.”

So Russia will continue to spread her errors and the continued annihilation of nations

Mate, the USSR collapsed twenty plus years ago. The Reds under the bed are asking can they come out now as it’s getting a bit dusty down there. Russia and America both have plenty of ‘errors’ and trying to use Russia as a kind of world villain is laughable. Russia has been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart by two Popes. This is all rather off-topic though.

You’re funnier, mate.
“a bit dusty down there.” :smiley:

Irish humor.

It’s tiresome seeing Russia trotted out as some national Dr. Doom, it’s reminscent of reading an early 1960’s Marvel or DC comic. Back on topic, I note these groups on the list the OP gave are rather varied. One of them is the Celtic Church, there’s a movement with that name in Ireland which may or may not be connected.

Yeah, I got your point. :cool:
I just think that the silliness of it is best illustrated by the humor, that’s all. (mate ;))

More on topic there seems to be an upsurge in some of these groups the OP was talking about, I’ve seen them in the UK, Ireland and several other places. One bit of irony is that after enough time it’s more than likely that the various bodies that make up the ‘Ecumenical Catholic Church’ will probably start splintering when they find some issue they disagree on.


These Churches are not sponsored by the Roman Catholic Church. Stay away!

These people are only kidding themselves, they are not “Catholic” they are just pretending to be.

Catholics who accept the teachings of the Church should not have to be a contradictory statement.

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