Who are those 'living and dead' that Jesus will judge?

The Creed says that Jesus Christ will come to jugde ‘both the living and the dead’.

But, I wonder… :hmmm:

The dead are either:

a) in Heaven:extrahappy:

b) in Purgatory :o

c) in Hell :banghead:

If they are in Heaven or in Hell, they will stay there forever, right? so, why judge them again?

If they are in Purgatory, they have already been judged and are waiting to be ready to go to Heaven. But once Jesus comes, there will be no more Purgatory, so why would He jugde them again if they are already on a bee line to Heaven?

I guess that leaves only those who are alive to be judged when Jesus comes.

So, why does the Creed say that Jesus will judge both ‘the living and the dead’?

Someone please forgive my ignorance and explain! :blush:
(better to ask and appear ignorant for a minute than to keep quiet and remain ignorant forever!)


Here ya go:



At the 2nd coming of our Lord Jesus, when He will come in all His glory.

Any one that is alive on Earth will be judged alive (He will not need to die, face personal judgement and then face the general judgement)

Those that are dead allready yes they were judged but they only faced the “personal” judgement. In other words they did not see the fullfilment of all their actions during their lifetime how they impacted the lives of those that came during and after they lived.

It does not mean that it will change the outcome mind you, if you was deemed worthy of
Heaven either directly or through Purgatory, Heaven is still your destination.
But at the final judgement all will be manifested.

Also if those alive are judged to need Purgatory they will have to endure it before they can donn their glorified bodies.

I thought Purgatory would cease after the 2nd coming.

I thought Purgatory would cease after the 2nd coming.

There is much mystery that we must accept in faith and trust in God, we will understand all at the end when we experience it! God continue to bless us with your peace, Carlan!

There is the individual judgment that each person experiences upon encountering the Lord at death. That’s the first judgment.

Then there’s the final judgment, at the end of the world, of all humanity, those alive at the end, and those already judged at death.

The point is to make manifest the justice of God to everyone. No one will have any doubts about why anyone ended up where.

There’s more to be said about the Last Judgement and the Four Last Things–death, judgment, heaven, and hell–but it’s best not to ask for a homily on the matter unless you want the Mass to go overtime. :smiley:

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