Who are you voting for?

I am still not sure who to vote for due to the fact that different candidates agree and disagree with me on some very important issues. None really come close to matching up with my beliefs. Who are you voting for and why?

I believe that the best way to gauge a society is by how it treats those most vulnerable, which is why I will be voting for Romney. Though I’m a vegetarian, though I’m concerned with war, though I oppose the death penalty, though I wish to preserve the environment, I will vote for Romney for he is trying to preserve that most sacred right, the right to life.

As Catholics, we should limit the evil.


Romney is against abortion, and with millions already dead, I think he’ll get the right message to the people.

He believes in one man and one woman marriage.

He is against embryonic stem cell research since the human embryo is killed. Everyone reading this began life as a human embryo.


I’m still undecided between Romney and a third party.

I got definitely pushed away from Obama because of his opposition to the Born Alive Infant Protections Act, and learning that he is just as much of a warmonger as Bush was.

Here is his full military record in one place: kasamaproject.org/2011/07/16/obamas-record-in-short/ A lot of these decisions are pretty scary.

I get to vote for my first time this year. God willing that day :smiley: and i’ve decided to vote for Romney, though it makes my mom really mad xD

have you been keeping up with the news? romney changes his mind so often…he said he will NOT work to change our current abortion laws. therefore…who will work to better the economy, social progrms, the preferential option for the poor? Obama.

A Catholic in good consciece, A Catholic who values their eternal soul

CANNOT vote for obama. Period. Period. Exclamation Mark.

hi i live in brisbane australia i just want to say here in australia we cant wait for our next federal election to vote for a new govement party to govern our luckly country because we here in australia have to vote just food for thourght god bless terry

I’m not voting for anyone. I used to be a big supporer of voting, and used to see it as a cornerstone of our ‘free’ society. Aside from me not believing in gov’t, when you actually look at the mathamatical statistics, your vote actually making a difference in an election is some ridiculous odds like 100 trillion to 1 or something like that. Sorry to bust the bubble of the faithful voters, but that’s the reality (or somewhere in that neighborhood) of the stat’s when it coming to your vote making a difference in an election. I see it as a waste of time, a waste of gas, etc. I will be poluting the enviornment and my vote won’t make a difference.

I did vote once like 6 yrs ago and also like 10 yrs ago (that was when there was an initiative to make marijuana of less than 1 ounce not a criminal offense to possess (even though I don’t smoke it and don’t believe people should smoke it, I believe even less the gov’t should have any say in the matter). That passed and MJ under one ounce to possess has not been a crime in MA for about a decade now.

Interestingly enough, there is a ballot iniative on the ballet this year I believe concerning medical marijuana. I’m not positive, but from what I’ve read it’s very strict on what consitions it would cover (glaucoma, aids wasting syndrome, people taking chemo). It’s not a joke medical mj thing like in CA. But they did it backwards. Since people can possess it without it being a crime I don’t see the big deal of allowing med mj (long overdue) for a tiny number of very ill patients (although I’m sure those patients would be happy). If it wasn’t already decdriminalized I would go vote for moral reasons to support that initiative.

God Bless,

I cannot bring myself to vote for Romney. But there is nobody I want. I plan on leaving that field blank. Is that a sin?

Source about Romney? I think Obama has shown zero leadership in getting the economy going, even after saying “We need to make things in America.” In Michigan, the newspaper is saying 27% of new hires are not making enough to support a family.


Not a sin, but remember Obama and Romney are not the only candidates. Check out this test and it can help you see who matches up best with your beliefs.2012election.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=004491

Dead link, just to let you know. ;):slight_smile:

Romney he’s my pick. :thumbsup:

Problem fixed. Have you checked out the other candidates?

Yep Romney came out on top, Goode slightly behind. However Goode is more aligned with my views…hence another “quiz” fail IMO; but if you honestly don’t know the candidate’s platforms the quizzes are very helpful. :thumbsup:

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