Who are your favorite saints

who are some of your favorite saints? I have several of them.

  1. Our Lady
  2. St. Clare
    3.St. Therese
  3. St. Scholastica
  4. St. Rose of Lima
  5. Mother Teresa
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St. Dymphna
St. Peregrine
St. Anthony
St. Augustine
St. Francis
St. Lucy
St. Michael
St. Gerard Majella
Sts. Joachim & Ann
St. Maria Garetti
Many more

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All of them.


Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, James, Peter, Jude.

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  • Our Lady
  • St. Joseph
  • St. Michael the Archangel
  • St. Padre Pio
  • St. John Paul II

Our Lady
Saint John of the Cross
Saint Faustina
Saint Therese
Saint Maximilian
Saint Bernadette
Saint Francis
Saint John
Saint Anthony
Saint Padre Pio
Saint John Bosco
Saint Dominic
Saint Bahkita
Saint John Paul II
Saint Cecilia
Saint Philomena
Saint Mother Theresa
Saint Maria Gorretti
Saint Augustine
Saint Ambrose
Saint Ignatius
Saint Thomas Aquinas

As soon as I get to learn a bit more in depth about any Saint, they typically become one of my favorites!

St. Mary Magdalen
St. Ignatius Loyola
St. Francis Assisi
St. Oscar Romero

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Our Blessed Mother, the Apostles, and the Evangelists - goes without saying.

Men: Sts. Augustine, Michael the Archangel, Benedict, Maximilian Kolbe, Pius X, Thomas Aquinas, Albert the Great

Women: Sts. Joan of Arc, Hildegard, Rita, Monica, Theresa of Avila, Barbara, Bakhita, Kateri, Elizabeth Ann Seton, Veronica

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St. Patrick
St. Pope John Paul II
St. Benedict
St. Paul the Apostle
St. Michael

Saint Margaret Cllitherow


I feel drawn to her because of her courage .

A mother and a wife with children , she suffered a cruel death for what she believed to be most dear .

Saint Bernadette Soubirous. Here is why:

Reader’s Digest condensed edition. No religious upbringing at all. Met and married Catholic woman, who then mercilessly and incessantly lamented my lack of baptism. Was a sort of vague believer. 1985, went to Lourdes, as DW wanted to visit. At her insistence, crossed myself with water from the grotto and began crying. One week later, “accidentally” received Pope Saint John Paul II’s apostolic blessing in a crowd at Genoa. In RCIA the following year. Triple crown (immersion baptism, confirmation, Eucharist) in April, '87. Lukewarm until I submitted to the baptism in the Holy Spirit (NOT s Sacrament). Faith was lit on fire. Minor miracles before the Blessed Sacrament. Fast forward to 2008. Cancer. Lots of cancer. Stage IV, 50+ tumors. Poor prognosis. Remission, immediate relapse took me to “extremely poor.” Lots of prayers here at CAF. Remission again, but second relapse. Mutation into two aggressive non-Hodgkin’s Lymphomas (PTCL-NOS, AITL). Stage IV again - two dozen tumors plus marrow cancer/leukemia precursor (MDS) simultaneously. Stem cell transplant. Given 99.5% chance of expiring along the way. Now cancer free.

Lourdes. Saint Bernadette - the patroness of bodily illness. What did she know in 1985?


St Francis De Sales

A terrible circumstance (demonic attack) led me back into the Church after being gone for 25+ years. Immediately others began to attack my faith, and some were just curious when they had seen the instant change in me. I read many apologetics books but there was one book and one Saint that really drew me in, St. Francis De Sales, “The Catholic Controversy.” He was so good at speaking the truth about our faith that he brought back 70,000 Protestants.

Now here is a case of Divine Providence involving St. Francis De Sales. Although he was my favorite Saint I never told a soul, not even my family. It was one week after the demonic attack that I learned my father had cancer, I know that’s why God drew me back into the Church at just the right time. My newfound faith healed and guided my relationship with my father. By the time he would pass away a couple years later I knew my faith pretty well and was still being attacked by the same Protestant that first questioned it. Then the following year (Father’s Day) after my father’s passing my mother wanted to do something special for my brother and I. She said “Here, your Dad would have wanted you to have these.” The gift to my brother, my grandmother’s antique rosary, it was beautiful. The gift to me, a first class relic of St. Francis De Sales!!!

A relic of my favorite Saint finding it’s way too me after 390 years when absolutely no one knew he was my favorite Saint?!? The Lord knew how much I would treasure that relic, he knew I needed it on a day I really missed my father. And I do believe it was a special reward from the Lord for faithfully defending the Church almost every day for years. I tell you, Divine Providence, and the intercessions of St. Francis De Sales!!!


po18guy, What a story!! I love to hear stuff like this. We have such a merciful and loving God!!

Blessed Virgin Mary
St. Joseph
St. Thérèse of Lisieux
St. Padre Pio
St. Philip Neri

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I also have a devotion to most all of the saints mentioned above. To them I would add:

St. Benedict of Nursia
St. Romuald of Ravenna
St. John Cassian
St. Gregory of Nyssa
and honorable mention to Blessed Julian of Norwich

Thanks for sharing, powerful story. I am on my way to Lourdes, first time visiting there.

st pius x
st pius v
St Thomas Aquinas
St Louis de montfort
Bl John Henry Newman
Ven Fulton Sheen
And I can’t forgot our lady

He’s my favorite, too. I wear his medal. Too overlooked, IMO. Always glad to hear of others who like him.

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In no particular order.

1)Saint Therese of Lisieux
2)Saints Louis and Zelie Martin
3)Saint Theresa of Avila
4)Saint Edith Stein

(Notice a pattern?) :grinning:

5 ) Saint Padre Pio
6) Saint Gerard Majella
7) Saint Josemaria Escriva
8) Saint Juan Diego

Blessed Julian of Norwich
Blessed Miguel Pro


For his selfless zeal St Francis Xavier

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