Who are Your Favorite TV Characters?

One of my all-time favorite characters
is the hilarious “Aunt Esther” from the 70s series called SANFORD AND SON.

And I like all 4 major characters on THE GOLDEN GIRLS.

And I used to like Rhoda Morganstern on Mary Tyler Moore Show.

What are some of you guys’s favorite tv characters ??

I loved Worf on Star Trek Next Generation an Uhura on the original show.

My new favorites are the entire cast of The Unit. Talk about a real slice of military life. I grew up a brat and every week something on that show hits home. I like that they are well-developed characters with human flaws and strengths rather than being cartoon heroes.

Dr. McCoy from Star Trek
Fr. Dougal from Father Ted
Church Lady, Mary Catherine Gallagher, and Matt Foley from SNL
And Fox Mulder from The X-Files, the first person I ever had a crush on:D

How about Toonces the Driving Cat?

LOL oh yeah! I almost forgot! Of couse I love Toonces! Thanks for the reminder:D
On that note: Frankestine, Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer, and Jack Handy.

The entire Cleaver family (Leave it to Beaver)
Mary Richards (Mary Tyler Moore Show)
Sheriff Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith Show)
Worf (Star Trek TNG)

Mudgie-in-training and freelance sparkle/coffee grinds sprinkler

Okay, I’m gonna show my age here a little, but I grew up watching the original Star Trek series and Laugh-In.

One of my fav characters on Laugh-In was Lily Tomlins’ Ernestine (“One ringy-dingy…”) and Edith Ann (…and that’s the Truth-th-th!). And I’ve been told I do a pretty fair imitiation of both of them. I used to crack up my neighbor’s kids with Edith:
“Sometimes, when I’m setting the table, I spit in my sister’s chocolate milk.”
“Sometimes, when I think God is watching, I sing and dance and do a little commercial for Him.”


Since most of the characters listed in earlier posts are before my time, I’ll give some favorites from the 80’s onwards. Also, I tend to like “human” characters, that is characters who are not blatently immoral or bad, but are like us, struggling with their problems. OK, enough background.

Thomas Magnum (Magnum P.I.)
Laura Holt (Remington Steele)
Harm Rabb, Kate Pike, Sarah MacKenzie (Mac), Bud and Harriet Roberts, A.J. Chegwidden… (JAG)
Tony DiNozo (spelling?), Ziva David, Abby (NCIS)
Jordan Cavanaugh, Woody Hoyt, Bug Vejay, Niles (Crossing Jordan)

OK, I should stop now, lest I giveaway too much of my TV addiction! :o

Easy- Pam, Jim and Dwight on the Office. Also Alex P. Keaton from Family Ties and Tad and Dixie on All My Children.

…and who can forget the espionage of (and not so bad looks of)

Sydney Bristow on Alias played by Jennifer Garner
If ABC wants another hit - they should bring that back - or something like it.

Other character favorites -
All the Cartwrights from Bonanza (Adam - not so much)
Danny Thomas on Make Room for Daddy (and founder of St. Jude Children’s Hospital)
Rob Petrie - and all those characters really from the 60’s show
and we can’t forget Radar from MASH

I tend to like a lot of the oddball detectives. Columbo and Monk are my all-time favorites. I don’t watch a ton of TV, but Monk absolutely owns me!:smiley:

Adrian Monk
Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor
Jim Rockford
"Reverend" Jim Ignatowski
Maxwell Smart
Mick Belker (“Hill Street Blues”)

I’ve got a large list and here goes;

Mr. Bill: SNL
Q: Star Trek: TNG
Laxanna Troi: Star Trek TNG
Dr. McCoy: Star Trek, Original Series
Quark: Star Trek: DS9
The Doctor: Star Trek: Voyager
Sam Beckett: Quantum Leap
Al: Quantum Leap
Rembrant Brown: Sliders
Murphy Brown: Murphy Brown
Sideshow Bob: Simpsons
Bender: Futurama
Klinger & Col. Winchester: MAS*H
KITT: Knight Rider
Rosco P. Coltrain: Dukes Of Hazzard
Grandpa: The Munsters
Lurch: The Addams Family
Mr. Haney: Green Acres
Dr. Bombay: Bewitched
Flo: Alice
Mr. Carlson: WKRP in Cincinnati
Pinky & THe Brain: Annimanics
Uncle Joe: Petticoat Junction
Tim Conway: Carol Burnett Show
Dr. Zachary Smith: Lost in Space
The Professor: Gilligan’s Island
Kinchlow & Col. Hoffstettler: Hogan’s Heroes
RUth Buzzi: Laugh-In

I thought I had posted. I hope I didn’t put this in another thread. Duh

Barnabas Collins, the reluctant vampire on Dark Shadows.

:thumbsup: Good taste my man, although I have to add Grandpa and Patty and Selma from the Simpsons (not to mention ‘Hi, I’m Troy McLure’) and Mom from Futurama (they gotta bring it back, they just gotta!)

Gotta’ go with Lucy and Ethel. —KCT

Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks.
Veronica Mars
Hawkeye Pierce from MASH
Everyone from M
ASH, come to think of it.
Floyd from Muppet Show

Oh, oh … Swedish Chef, Swedish Chef! And Statler and Waldorf (the two old guys)

Oooh, great topic! I’m a fandom geek, so I don’t even really need to think about this one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mulder & Scully, The Cigarette Smoking Man, and The Lone Gunmen on “The X-Files”

Dr. Greene, Dr. Romano, Dr. Morris on “ER”

Alan Shore & Denny Crane, and Shirley Schmidt on “Boston Legal”

Crowe and Tom Servo on “Mystery Science Theater 3000”

The Huxtable Family on “The Cosby Show”

The Connor Family on “Roseanne”

The Bunker/Stivic Family on “All In The Family”

The Simpson Family, Ned Flanders and Reverend Lovejoy on “The Simpsons”

Dr. Greg House on “House”

Dorothy Zbornack, Rose Nylund, Blanch Deveraux and Sophia Petrillo on “The Golden Girls”

Hmmm…I think that covers most of my fandoms, plus my favorite syndicated shows! :slight_smile:

Heathcliff Huxtable (Cosby Show)
Alex P. Keaton (Family Ties)
Bull (From Night Court)
K.I.T.T. (Knight Rider)
Hannibal Smith (The A-Team)
Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman) mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa

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