Who are your God Parents were they involved in your life


Who are your God Parents ; where they involved in your life,Mine were my mother’s best friend and her husband. My God Mother is in my life, love her dearly always address her as Aunt Mary. She was always there on special days and whenever I just needed her… She took, her responsibility seriously.


My godfather is my older brother. Sadly I don’t believe he is practicing his faith. But my godmother was an old friend of my parents’. She passed away about 13 years ago. I love her very much and although I don’t remember her being physically involved in my life, I know I was part of her prayer life. I have a picture of her and me from a few years before her death that I keep in my living room. I pray that she bypassed or finished with purgatory and is in Heaven now so I pray for her intercession.


Mine were not particularly involved in my life (except quite possibly through their prayers). My godfather was my uncle, who lived in another part of the state and whom I saw maybe once a year. My godmother was a neighbor lady who moved away when I was still very young.


My godfather was my mother’s brother.

My godmother is my mother’s sister. Because she was unable to attend the day of the ceremony, my mother’s other sister took her place as a proxy.

All three were involved in my life, the same as any other aunt or uncle in my extended family. It was also traditional for each godparent to send a gift to each godchild for birthdays, Christmas, and graduations.


I believe mine were my aunt and uncle. They lived at a distance, so while they kept up with my life via my mom, they were not around daily and I didn’t have a close relationship with them like my mom did. But I’m sure if anything had happened to my parents, they would have stepped in and made sure I was raised Catholic. They both passed away some decades ago when I was in my 20s and 30s.


Mine were an aunt and uncle who agreed to do it and my parents did one of their children. We have little contact and as far as I know they aren’t practicing. We were baptized to get us into a better school though.

I’m cynical, I think the idea of an additional person to help raise a child in the faith is wonderful but if you dont have the right person then you end having to find someone to volunteer to go through the motions at the baptism. I wish there was more understanding for parents in this situation so they aren’t compelled to do this.


My Ludad (Gypsy) cousin Steve (called him Uncle Steve) and his wife (who I call Aunt Lilly.) No, they weren’t really involved. In fact, neither went to church regularly, and my godmother became a Protestant eventually.


Mine were my aunt (my dads sister) and uncle (my aunts husband). They were both very involved in my life. Both have passed away.


Mine were my cousins who lived next door. Godmother was 12, godfather was 10 so needless to say they never really had much to do with my religious upbringing but they have always been present in my life.

At various times I babysat their children and at the age of 16 I became my godmother’s daughter’s godmother and her Confirmation sponsor 10 years after that.

We don’t live close by but I’m friends with them on Facebook and usually see them when I go back to my hometown.


My godparents were our neighbors. They had ten kids of their own but always made time for me. My godmother baked cookies and cakes to sell to make money and I always tried to help. Think I probably ate too much of her profit. My godfather passed when I was 12. They came to every religious event in my life. They gave me my rosary and my first Bible. My godmother passed away when I was 25. They were great people who had a very positive effect on my life. I was blessed.


My Godparents were Do and Marilyn. They always said they wanted to adopt me. :smiley: This was the next best thing. Like our family, theirs was a military family. They and their children were involved in my life for many years. We were always getting together. Sadly, Don and Marilyn have passed away. But I have wonderful memories that I will cherish forever.


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