Who Are Your Sports Teams?

In order of how die hard I am:

NFL- New York Giants
NBA- Phoenix Suns
NCAA Football- Penn State Nittany Lions
MLB- New York Yankees
NCAA Basketball- Syracuse Orange fan
NHL- Don’t Care
NASCAR- Really Don’t Care
SOCCER- Really Really Don’t Care
PGA- Mickelson lol


Oakland Raiders–(pray for me:(—once proud franchise is likely competing with the Lions for worst team in the NFL lately)
Oklahoma Sooners—Boomer Sooner (but can they win a bowl game?)
Don’t care about basketball much but I’ve always liked the Suns.
I waffle between the A’s and the Cardinals in baseball.
Pittsburgh Penguins—not sure why. Just always thought they had cool uniforms as a kid.

College Football: Ohio State Buckeyes !!! GO BUCKS!!!

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals
NASCAR: Jeff Gordon
MLB: Cleveland Indians

I don’t care one way or another about anything else!

Red Sox

What can I say, my husband’s from Boston and it just took too much energy to route against his teams. :slight_smile:

Synchronized Skating: CHICAGO JAZZ!!!
St. Louis Synergy!!
Team Braemar (Braemar City of Lakes, Minnesota)
Marigold Ice Unity (Finland)
Team Surprise (Sweden)
Crystalettes (Dearborn, MI)
Starlights (Skokie, IL)
Dazzlers (Downers Grove, IL)
California Gold (Southern California)
and my fictional team, the Jazzicals of Raleigh, NC!

Does anything else matter?!

But as long as you asked:

Pairs Team–Keauna McLauglin and Rockne Brubaker
Dance Team-Belbin and Agosto

NFL–Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens, also Packers, St. Louis Rams (but not last season), Indianapolis Colts, New York Giants

NCAA basketball: NC State, UNC at Chapel Hill, Michigan St, Duke

NHL–Raleigh Hurricanes and Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks out of loyalty

NBA–don’t care since the Bulls lost Michael

Soccer–can’t stay awake during a game.

Any San Diego team, I’m just a homer:D.


And any USA team in the International, World and Olympics games.

:)Nashville Predators NHL
OHIO UNIVERSITY (any and all):slight_smile:

I hope you’ll check out Team Del Sol Synchronized Skating Teams, from San Diego–here’s a link to their website: teamdelsol.org/

Del Sol choreography is unique and often described as “theatrical” and “musical.” I would call it “detailed”–they make use of every opportunity and cram their programs full of exciting maneuvers.

Their Juvenile teams are especially spectacular.

Go to their ice rink and take a look! Synchronized skating, or synchro, is a great sport, and although it is not Olympic yet, we’re working on it!

NBA - Oklahoma City Thunder (work in progress), Formerly the San Antonio Spurs until the move was made.
MLB - I don’t watch at all
NHL - I don’t watch at all
NCAA - Boomer Sooner!!!

and finally…


I have told my wife that if an NFL team moves to Oklahoma, I will abandon the Cowboys. We’ll see.

Auburn University in all NCAA sports.

For NBA, I like the Dallas Mavericks (mostly because of Nowitski)

NFL, ATL Falcons

MLB, ATL Braves

I like Soccer a lot but don’t have any teams I really root for except the U.S.A. in international competitions.

As for individual sports:

In Golf I like Tiger
Nascar I like Jeff Gordon
Tennis I like Nadal

NFL- Seattle Seahawks and any team playing the Steelers :mad:
NBA- Used to be the Sonics but since they are gone the NBA can go away for all I care
NCAA Football- Washington, Washington State. I will also root for any Pac-10 team playing an out of conference game.
MLB- Mariners
NCAA Basketball- To be truthful I don’t care much for basketball. Pro or collegiate.
NHL- :shrug:
NASCAR- Kasey Kahne
SOCCER- :shrug:
PGA- :shrug:

God bless

NLL Buffalo Bandits
NFL- Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens (with respect to redskins and bears in the NFC)
NBA- LA Lakers, even though i dont follow/watch basketball a lot at all
NCAA Football- Buffalo Bulls, Georgia Bulldogs, WVU Mountaineers, Maryland Terrapins,
Baseball- Buffalo Bison( AAA IL), New York Mets,
NCAA Basketball- Buffalo Bulls, Pitt Panthers, WVU Mountaineers, Maryland Terrapins,
NHL- Buffalo Sabres, Toronto Maple Leafs, Washington Capitals
SOCCER- Chelsea, Olympique de Marseille, FC Köln

I don’t really care about any sport except for baseball and I am a die-hard Houston Astros fan :slight_smile:

Dallas cowboys

NCAA (Football and Basketball):

Agreed. :thumbsup: (Class of '85)

NFL: Washington Redskins
NHL: Washington Capitals
NBA: Washington Bullets
MLB: Baltimore Orioles

no nats love?

Not so much. To me they are still the Montreal Expos. :wink:

Not old enough to be heart-broken over the Washington Senitors ( I think they became the San Diego Padres ). So for me the O’s are still Washingtons Baseball team. :smiley:

– Cadian :knight1:

I like the New York Giants (NFL), New York Yankees (MLB), New York Rangers (NHL; anybody sensing a pattern?), but most of all, I love the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. That’s by far my favorite team, and I’m pulling for a revival this year.

NFL ~The Pittsburgh Steelers ~

NCAA Football ~The Florida Gators ~

NCAA Basketball ~The Florida Gators ~

NHL ~The Pittsburgh Penguins ~

Don’t care for Pro Basketball, NASCAR, Golf. Used to watch Baseball as a young person & loved The Pittsburgh Pirates back then. I lost interest over the years:shrug:.

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