Who believes this about the Canon of Scripture?

Reformedman1 posted this however is now banned. Does anyone really believe this?

God ordained which books would be included. the CC did NOTHING in this regard. the cannonization the bible was an act of GOD not of the CC.

So if it was an act of God how does someone with a rational mind saying this point to when this happened? If my house was destroyed by an act of God I could say it happened on such and such day. The Northern Kingdom came to an end in 722 BC, crushed by Assyria. The Southern Kingdom came to an end in 586 BC, crushed by the Babylonians.

When did this act of God that produced the Bible occur?:slight_smile:

I would like the know as well…

But, I understand that the books that are part of the new testament were collected works from the apostles and their followers. Those books were analyzed for consistency among the whole and then made into the new testament.

It took several centuries for the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church to decide what was part of the canon of Scriptures. Here are two videos from the Orthodox perspective detailing where, in the Church Fathers, we have evidence of the evolving canon of Scriptures. Catholics should not have a problem with it, even if it’s from the Orthodox perspective - it’s all pure history. This is a reality that Protestants need to account for. I wish Reformedman1 had not been banned. Keeping people from the conversation does not help in informing them.

History of the New Testament 1 : youtu.be/wpmHZzURwZY

History of the New Testament 2 : youtu.be/yVEM-vZXWOI

It fell out of the sky in the year 1611 :smiley:

Sorry but I just could not help it. :o:blush:

It has come to my attention this past week about a movement that is picking up speed…‘the world needs to be rid of religion’…the mantra espoused by the ‘Reformist’ Mars Church…

that is teaching its members a new early church history and supported by CARM on their main web page as truly centered on Jesus and soley Biblical based…and Calvinistic in tone…

The one preacher, Mark Driscoll, has a you tube on ‘Birth Control’…and makes a side comment that if the Catholic Church had allowed the use of condoms, Adolf Hitler’s parents, who were Catholic, and he was fifth-born, would not have been born…etc., etc. etc…

OK I feel bad about the 1611 thing… but it kinda cracks me up too.

I overdid my workout and my brain is missing some oxygen, so shoot me.


I personally love the 1611 translation, although at times it sounds like fighting words (I’m hispanic and Spanish is my first language), lol.

Ok all kidding aside, really aside… I do enjoy it, especially when I hear people like Dr. J. Vernon McGee reading it out loud.

I do prefer the DRB, can’t really put my finger why, but the DRB doesn’t seem to overuse the thous and thees as much, might be just me.

But I do like it and I do have a copy in my house.

Disclaimer - I do have almost all available English translations :o

If my prior post offends you, please accept my apologies and know that it was meant in good humor. :signofcross:

In Him.

Think you are on to something here. They were collected. They were collected by???

They were analyzed. They were analyzed by???

They were made into. They were made into by???

In memorium!:slight_smile:

With or without the deuterocanonicals?:confused:

I believe that what you are speaking of is a Mega church called Mars Hill Church in Seattle pastored by Mark Driscoll. How does this relate to the OP. The name Calvind does not appear anywhere in the Bible.

Man, how old did you say you were?

Sorry, when I read your post these words just seemed to belong together. :smiley:

Now to the discussion:
What year (or about) are you saying the Roman Catholic Church put the existing letters and books together in the Bible?

Southern man betta keep your heeaad…don’t forget what your good book saaaiiiid…Southern change gonnnna come at laaaast…Now your crosses are burning fast…

As I post this just imagine Niel Young singing in the background…wow that was a good song.

Babylonians are the ancient culture of what is known today as modern Iraq…I don’t live anywhere near Iraq…

Is my age relevant to Babylon. I am not that old.

Parting is such sweet sorrow that…wait that would make me Juliet…no can’t do that one…

Is it a Baptist thing, a Southern thing or just your thing to confuse the date of the act of God with the Roman Catholic Church. Hey I am OK with your thinking and believing that the Bible came to be what it is by an act of God and that act occured as a result of the Catholic Church…

I saw cotton and I saw black, Tall white mansions and little shacks…

So what is it you are saying here anyway?:slight_smile:

It’s a very real movement, the latest evolution of Evangelical non-denominationalism, and it is alive and well here in the deep south.

This is the banner above a Church a few miles from where I live. The banner was replicated on one of those LCD billboards on the side of the interstate for a while.

Its very real.


So does this mean that Jesus is there at 10 am on Sunday?

In 1644 the Long Parliament forbade the reading of the Apocrypha in Church, and 1666, the first editions of the King James Bible without Apocrypha were bound.[138]


This is from wikipedia, I don’t know how reliable it actually is. :confused:


The 1611 King James is online with the deuterocanonicals


So if it fell out of the sky in 1611 the deuterocanonicals were in there.:slight_smile:

The title, the quotes, the mentioning of the person banned…it strikes me as taunting. :shrug:

In Memorium. In Memory of.

Reformedman1. You would have to ask reformedman. Maybe the first?

Coptic Christian self explanatory.

I read the entire OP and honestly I do not see any quotation marks anywhere. Perhaps you are suggesting I should have used them. Well perhaps I should have.

Taunt. To mock, provoke, insult, etc

  1. censure, upbraid, flout, insult. 2, 3. jeer. See ridicule. 3. scoff, derision, insult, censure, ridicule.

Explain to me your understanding of what you read as a taunt?

I have not idea what you writing. Is this a song?

If the Roman Catholic Church gave us the Bible, when did they do that?

I am distressed that my free flow writing has confused you and you say “I have no idea what you are writing”. It is just as well not to waste your time explain my writing style. You ask “is this a song”? There is mention of a song but it is not a Psalm. I suppose you could sing it and then it would be but on to the point.

I appreciate your question. The answer is near you. You don’t have to go up to heaven to retrieve it nor to the depths to find it…it is closer to your lips than you think.

Let me ask you this…

If the Roman Catholic Church DID NOT give us the Bible when did whomever give it to us do that and who were they? You may inform me as to what you seem to ask questions about. To ask this question means that you should give me some insight to this question as I know what history teaches. I trust God. I trust Jesus. I trust the Bible and love Paul…Paul says…

18For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, 19because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them. 20For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.

So I want to be able to look in the world and Know about God and His work including the Bible because I am without excuse not to know. I want to know the truth because I do not want to incur the wrath of God nor do I want to suppress the truth.

Guide me to the truth of where the Bible came from so that I may be without excuse and not incur wrath by suppressing the truth.:slight_smile:

If you provide me some truth that I may profess then I will stand and shout the truth and not suppress it and be free of wrath.:slight_smile:

I can only shake my head at the way you all are acting. It’s a good thing that Jesus Christ did not treat gentiles and non-believers in this fashion, or there wouldn’t be any church, Catholic or otherwise, to talk about.

There is very little christian walk in this thread. That’s for sure.

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