Who built the Dome of the Rock?



Other similar 4-5th century buildings in the area.

Kathisma Church

St. Peter’s House Church


The Church on Mount Gerizim


Umm Qais Church


Erm, what are you saying? The Dome of the Rock was definitely built by the Muslims. The architecture was, of course, influenced by the beautiful Christian churches in the area. See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dome_of_the_rock for more info. :thumbsup:


The dome itself was constructed by the Muslims , however the columns on which it sets are part of a temple to Jupiter built by the Romans in 130 AD.


**I say The Dome of the Rock is a Christian building redecorated by the Muslims

Her they are redecorating another Christian building.**


That normally looks like this



Unfortunately what you say is not correct. The other posters are correct. It was built by the muslims. Nobody disputes this.


The building was built with Corinthian style columns


Around this Rock Cave, not Jupiter



Nobody disputes this ? You meen muslims and jews do not disputes this ?

Was the Dome of the Rock a church?

Dome of the Rock - A Hijacked Church?

Holy Mass in the Dome of the Rock

Still not correct ?


This sounds an awful lot like people that come in here and say catholics worship Egyptian gods because there is an obelisk in St Pete’s square

As mentioned, just because it may use the same architectural design, does NOT mean it is the same thing…

Could I then say that because many Government Buildings in Washing DC look Greek that they were original built by ancient Greeks?

Just a point of observation

In Christ


Who said anything about worship ?

This discovery is supported by inscriptions in the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. When the Arabic texts found in the Dome of the Rock are studied with philological precision, one sees they are not verses from the Koran, as commonly thought, but rather texts from a Syro-Aramaic language, according to analyst Christoph Luxenberg.

These inscriptions from the year 694 are not Islamic, but rather theological disputes between Syrian and Hellenistic Christians regarding the divinity of Jesus. This proves that this building was originally a church, and was turned into a mosque by Moslems in the same way the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul (originally Constantinople—the Eastern capital of Christendom) was converted to a mosque.


US Government Building



That’s what I was afraid you were trying to say. Sigh… although the Muslims did convert many ancient Christian churches to mosques after they conquered Syria, the Dome of the Rock wasn’t one of them. They built that themselves, in conscious imitation of/competition with nearby Christian buildings, especially the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Why do you want to believe this? I’d be thrilled to see the DotR turned into a church someday, but not because of some kind of religious irredentism…


Why not?

There is no Christian presence on the temple mount

The Jerusalem Church (30-62)

Byzantine Jerusalem (324-638)

Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem (1099-1291)




Actually, no. It was built by Christians, forced labor by the Muslims. We actually have some of the receipts, work gang lists etc. involved in it’s construction.

The thing is an oddity in Islam, as it is not a mosque, though latter adapted into one.

Al-Maqdisi, a Muslim writer from Jerusalem recounts as a youth he criticized the caliph for wasting money on the Dome of the Rock. His uncle corrected him, pointing out that the Christians had many beautiful Churches, which enticed the Muslims to convert (we have evidence of this). Btw, it is the most beautiful building I have seen.

The Dome was evidently built as alternative pilgrimage site: at the time the Muslims were in another civil war, and the one side held Mecca. Another side held Syria and built the Dome.

Btw the Kaaba at the beginning of Isalm was built by a Christian (a shipwrecked Ethiopian): it had an icon of the Theotokos and Christ, which their prophet covered with his body when he gave the order to clear the Kaaba of idols, saying “destroy everthing else.” The Prophet’s mosque in Medina was also built by Christians (captured Copts): the built as they knew, and the apse became the mihrab, the direction to Mecca in every mosque throughout the world.

The Dome is a polemic against Christianity, as the inscribed verses show (which, btw, do not match the present receieved Text of the Quran, a source of embarissment for muslims). It is also the earliest use of the crescent in muslim iconography. The irony: the crescent is used to replace the cross on the crowns of the kings the caliph has subjected (Muslims have always been EXTREMELY cruciphobic). So, originally it was a sign, among Muslims, for Christians!


The Romans set Jupiter up on the cave when they tore the temple down. The also put a temple to Venus on Golgatha (to them the Hebrew Christians were just another Jew that needed to be humiliated).

When the muslims came, the place was the city dump, supposed to be a sign of the rejection of Israel.


The Christian Romans (xp) tore down the Jupiter and Venus temple in 325 AD

and built thereafter two Christian shrines instead of the two pagan ones.

The Christian octagon shrine on the Temple Mount were put on fire in 614 AD

and had therefore, a new roof made by the muslims in 638 AD, the present roof.

It’s a 100 % Roman Christian building.



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