Who can bless wedding rings?

I would like to get our wedding rings blessed. Problem I have is trust. The rings are worth over $5000. The parish rectory wants me to drop them off and they will call me when ready. Can’t do that. They will not do it on a one to one with priest unless I have an appointment, that will take over a month. Renew of vows takes place 1 month in the Bahamas.

We have recently just moved into this parish. Which is gigantic compared to our old one, were the priest knew everyone in the community. Just scared about leaving rings with a stranger and having complete trust in someone I do not know.

Is there an alternative to this?


Wedding rings are a sign of the Sacrament of Matrimony and are therefore considered to be sacramentals or objects of devotion. Such objects are to be blessed by the priest. Bring the rings with you to Mass. As you leave and pass the priest at the church door, hold out your hand with the rings and ask him to bless them. It’s really quite simple.

OR…have the priest bless them at your renewal of vows ceremony. I trust that you are having a priest lead the ceremony. Even though the renewal is not a sacrament, your vows are sacred and speak of your commitment to God. They ought to be witnessed by a priest. For a Catholic, such a renewal is not a secular thing.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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