Who can hear my thoughts when I pray?

I want to ask, who can hear my thoughts when I pray?

I assume that since God knows everything about us, he can hear my thoughts. However, whenever I ask for the intercession of our lady, saints, or angels, I always make sure to vocalize my prayers. If I am in an adoration chapel I may just mouth the words with the tiniest whisper, but I do make sure there is something for them to see so that they know that I am petitioning their intercession. Since they are not God, I don’t know if they can hear my thoughts. My question is if it is necessary for the vocalizaion or can they actually hear my thoughts? Any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:

I don’t see why they couldn’t hear your interior prayers.

Even if they could hear your voice, what if 1000 people around the globe at the exact same time pray vocally to one saint? God has surely endowed them with the ability to hear prayers, both silent and vocal, and to hear many prayers at the same time if need be.

As they are not physical but only spirit then they could not “hear” your works as they would not be able to interact with the physical world (no ears drums to get vibrations from the air), right?

If I were religious then I would say the only way for the unseen to hear us seen (physical) beings is from your soul and not your physical body.

I don’t have time to look it up right now, but my understanding of the Catholic teaching on this is that God alone hears our prayers. When we ask the intercession of Our Lady, or the Saints, it is God who “hands on the message” as it were that their prayers are requested :smiley:


Hi thirsty,

I agree with the poster pianistclare.

I don’t see why the saints, angels, and Our Lady, can’t hear your prayers, as well.

:thumbsup: That’s the way I see it, too. Christ, after all, is the one (unique) mediator between God and men. Everything always goes through Him first as He is head of the body, the Church. :slight_smile:

Blessed Mary, the Saints and Angels can her your prayers directed at them. God bless you,

Technically, they don’t even need some special ability. A saint would need only pray, “For all those asking for my prayers O Lord, grant their petitions according to Thy will.” Done and done. :slight_smile:

Like a giant answering machine? Press star1 for Our Lady star 2 for St. Joseph, lol!
Just kiddin you, but actually…
I don’t think God bothers with personal messages…like “Gert called…she wants you to ask me a question”.
Doesn’t make sense to me, but what do I know?

Blessed Mary, the Saints and Angels can hear your prayers directed at them. God makes it possible for them. God bless you.

God, Jesus, Mary, angels, & saints (etc) hear your prayers, whether that be innerly amid silence (such as at adoration) or vocally speaking.

I interpret for a man who is Deaf on Sundays, so he can grasp the importance of mass visually, spiritually, & innerly. He is a minority in a hearing majority & yet God still ‘listens’ to his prayers (nonverbally). The more I’m there for him, the greater experiences I find myself also grasping better the mass in ASL more than hearing & speaking… signing has its own way of quietly & gracefully soothing the soul. I make an effort to say the rosary daily & since I know the Our Father in ASL, it’s now a tradition to sign it rather than speak it…I don’t have to speak a bunch of words, I can save my breath & sign it, b/c it is then that I truly understand what I’m praying. Just like God knows the desires of our hearts (most often left unspoken), He meant for the desires to be secret, so that he can unfold His perfect plan for all in His time.

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