Who can help me find this out?

Dear Friends,
Hope all are well. I am still continuing my novenas and the intentions of all the Catholic Forum’s members are being prayed for daily. I have also dedicated my time in the evenings to making rosaries. As I make them I contemplate about the mysteries and include you all in prayers. I love making the rosaries and hope that prayers are answered. My question to you is this. Louis De Wohl, an author of great Saint biographies, wrote many books. I was told that 16 of his books were made into films. Can you tell me the name of these 16 films or direct me to where I can find out? I have gone on Ask.com, Google and entered some info into my Netflix search but without any success. Please help if you can. God bless you all and may He shower you with His very best blessings in this New Year.

You might try looking at Ignatius Press. They carry many saints videos, as well as many of De Wohl’s books. If anyone would know about them and have them, it would seem they should! If you can’t find the info on their website, you could always try calling and asking them about it. Good luck!

Laudatur Iesus Christus.

The Internet Movie Data Base only shows one film about St. Francis of Assisi and two other writing credits that do not seem to be about saints.

Here are the results: imdb.com/name/nm0212448/

Pax Christi tecum.

John Hiner

Or try this one:


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