Who can receive a Radical Sanation?

Can a Catholic currently in an invalid marriage to a non-baptized person receive “radical sanation”? Or is the “radical sanation” only for invalid marriages between two baptized people?

If “radical sanation” is possible, must you try to “renew your vows” in the Catholic Church first? Meaning, would one only receive a “radical sanation” if the spouse is unwilling to receive renew the vows in the Church?

thank you and God Bless!

The canons on radical sanation only mention that it validates an invalid marriage. The canons make no mention of requirements that both be baptized.

While radical senation could technically take place for any reason, in practice there needs to be a serious reason for the radical sanation rather than simple convalidation. Either one of the spouses needs to refuse to exchange vows or the convalidation would be highly problematic.

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