Who can sing/say the exsultet?

The Roman Missal states:

"the easter proclamation may be made, in the absence of a Deacon, by the priest himself or by another concelebrating priest. if, however, because of necessity, a lay cantor sings the proclamation, the words therefore, dearest friends up to the end of the invitation are omitted, along with the greeting the Lord be with you.

I ask this because a member of the choir sang the exsultet in Latin, while the Bishop and 2 concelebrating priest did not. Because the Missal states that a lay cantor may sing, there might not be a problem however the cantor, who is clearly not a deacon or a priest said “The Lord be with you” to which the congregation AND the clergy replied “and with your spirit” in Latin, I’m sure this is not right as this is reserved for the clergy alone?

Just want some clarification.

You are correct. The Exsultet can be sung by anyone, however if a lay person sings it “The Lord be with you” and "With your spirit’ are to be omitted (along with the preceding paragraph).

Its perfectly fine that none of the ordained sang it, they might not have been able to sing. If I sang the Exsultet there would be no one left in the church when I finished. :o

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