Who can't stand graduation ceremonies

I graduated from 2 colleges one being an Ivy League and didn’t go to either of my graduations. I was even asked to be the student speaker at one of the graduations. You wait 3-5 hours to hear people make politically correct or off base liberal speeches for 3 seconds of calling the name of you or the person you care about. For any person or family it seems like a completely useless and unproductive use of time for am individual or a family
I know many will disagree.

It’s mainly for the proud parents and grandparents.

I totally agree.

At the end of my education, I was part time, went to school for a 1 hour class went home and socialized with people who were not in my school. I didn’t see the point of sitting with a bunch of strangers.

Honestly if it is a small group 50 or less, it could be a good time. But all those people just take away from the intimacy


I think it’s good to experience one, but I didn’t go to my last one. I went out for a meal with my family instead.

When I was teaching we were required to attend graduation and wear our caps and gowns, I dreaded going but always went away smiling. Watching students who I had in class as a freshman graduate was a very rewarding experience. I miss getting to do that now that I have retired.

I have been to at least two a year for the last five years

The speeches are always peppered with cliches!

But at least high school and college are “real” graduations. What makes me crazy are kindergarten “graduations,” “graduations” from grammar school to middle school, etc.

My Dad showed my sister and me this. Definitely worth a watch! youtube.com/watch?v=_lfxYhtf8o4

Oh, yeah, those really get me. I’ve only had one child ‘graduate’ from nursery school. He couldn’t have been less interested in the proceedings.

For the purpose of the ceremony the children were told they were to be flowers. He lay on the ground and when asked what kind of flower he was he replied, “A dead one.”

Aww but they are so cute. Elementary school graduations might be a bit off base but kindergarten ones look like fun. We never had those because I went to a really uptight elementary school but I feel like I would have had fun.
I didn’t get to walk when I “graduated” from 8th grade and it was very disappointing to me. I spent hours that day getting dressed and set and ready and then they told me I had to go home. I still think the hardest part was that I was right in the middle of saying goodbye to all the people I was leaving forever, and I never got to finish. It’s that one last day to dress up, say goodbye, and look back with accomplishment on how you survived those horrible, horrible years.
I really hope I get to walk when I graduate from high school. It may be boring but there is something special about it.

I agree completely that it is boring, but I disagree with the “useless” part.

So much of life is like this, drive, park and sit outside to attend a child’s soccer game only to see them play for 5 minutes. Driving and going to other events are often the same, so much time is spent in seemingly useless nothingness.

I think there is a spiritual element here that can be tapped into (with God’s help) that can make these mundane life experiences ones of tremendous power.

Looking at the life of Jesus Christ as an example: he spent 30 years of his life doing the mundane, the trivial, the boring everyday things. Why is this? Jesus could have come to the earth with trumpets blaring but he came quietly. There is also no reason that Jesus needed to spend all of those years in obscurity, he CHOSE to but why? I am not a theologian, far from it, but I like to think it was because Jesus wanted to sanctify the everyday. Everyday dull life suddenly can become a path to holiness.

You can skip the graduations, but if you are ever in a position where you HAVE to go: consider offering up this “mini-suffering” as a prayer. Ask Jesus to be with you during the dull speeches, I have done this and found tremendous peace. God bless you.

Our village school was from 1st-9th grade (no kindergarten until the late 80s in the province where I grew up) and for a while there was a graduation ceremony for those completing 9th grade and moving to the high school in the next town over. But that died out before I finished 9th grade, I think along the time that the good Sisters ceased teaching in our school

I just attended a niece’s graduation. It was extremely boring and with over 400 graduating, way too long. Yes, it’s really just for the parents. I went to my college graduation for an undergrad degree, but didn’t bother going to my advanced degree graduation.
As to kindergarten graduations, that is absolutely ridiculous. How can one not graduate from kindergarten? It doesn’t celebrate anything.

What I can’t stand is the rowdiness of some members of the audience when their graduate’s name is announced. They have to whoop and holler and blow air horns, making such a ruckus that nobody can hear the next graduate’s name announced. My two younger kids’ college graduations were like that.

I completely agree. I went to my boarding school graduation (~250 students, brunch, friends in the area) but did not attend my ND graduation because I wouldn’t have been able to sit with any of my friends because I was Arts & Letters and they were all Science or Engineering. I did attend my small department’s ceremony, though, because I actually had bonds with my classmates and professors.

I honestly don’t think I missed out on anything. I loathe crowds and waiting around.

DH’s mother and father both died when he was in high school. He also had no living grandparents. Even so, he went to his high school, college, and law school graduations. So, to each his own, I guess.

I went to my High School and College graduations. I only did so because my parents wanted me too. I simply don’t like all the fan fare and crowds. For my second degree (Masters) I skipped the whole thing and was as happy as a lark.

Even as a kid I did not like birthday parties or large family social events. I much preferred a small, private celebration with my siblings and parents. I was just too shy, and easily overwhelmed with crowds. If everyone was like this there would be very few shops around that supplied parties and graduations. Very few indeed.

I’ll admit that the best thing about DD’s university graduation was the family BBQ with rarely seen cousins and aunts and great aunts. The ceremony itself was long, boring and we were sitting across an arena where we could barely distinguish who was walking onto the stage to receive their degree.

Son # 1 skipped his, saving us thousands in airplane/hotel fees and Son #2 attended his graduation from the community college and his diploma but they mercifully kept it low key and fairly short.

My graduations always stressed me out. Everyone else’s graduations are just seriously boring. They rarely even give the real diploma either. You get a stupid certificate holder and then a few weeks later the real one comes in the mail after grades are finalized. I would much rather just enjoy a nice party at home.

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