Who Celebrates Your TLM?

Out of interest, which traditionalist group are you affliated with?

I am not affiliated with any particular group. I simply attend the Latin Mass in a nearby parish most Sundays. The Parish Priest also celebrates an earlier NO Mass that I also attend at times. For me it is not so much about the Rite as it is about the Celebrant, when their is conflict. This priest, who has chosen to learn the TLM fairly recently, allows no liturgical abuses at any of his Masses.

Our Latin Mass priest is a member of the Fraternal Society of St. Peter. :thumbsup:

My parish I go to have three priest from the FSSP serve it.


I was not able to vote, as I don’t have access to the TLM.:frowning:

I noticed the option for independent Priest. Is there such a thing and what is meant by this. I thought for a priest to celebrate Mass he needs the faculties from the local ordinary. Does an independent priest not have these faculties and is it then an illicit Mass? Is this just a generic term for priests like the SSPX priests?

Where I used to live we had a diocesan priest and a religious priest (Franciscan) who came to the Cathedral to offer it. Occasionally, another priest would offer it as well who was the head of the diocese’s office for the propagation of the faith (a visiting priest home from the missions in Africa offered it for a while too).

Where I now live, the TLM I go to some Holy Days is done by a religious priest (I forget what order) and the one I go to some Sundays is offered by the priest who is the Vice President of the local seminary.

I’ve never heard of a “independent” priest but, yes any priest from outside of the diocese would have to have faculties giving by permission from that bishop in order to say any mass. I’m upset in that virtually no one other than myself would request the TLM on this little island. No priest on the island knows the Latin Mass but, I do hold out hope for it in the future as the bishop & our 2 priest are not an obstacle. It’s the LAITY that don’t want it!!!:mad:

We have one priest with the US Conference of Bishops who travels from DC to Brooklyn once or twice a month to celebrate the TLM, and another priest who teaches at Fordham University. The Mass is said at a Franciscan Church, and one time in a pinch one of the Church’s priests celebrated the Mass, but it’s usually outsiders.

And I thank God for them!


We have a retired diocesan priest who rotates with a franciscan from the monastery in Kennebunkport. One of the other franciscans is considering learning the Mass and helpping out. A second retired diocesan priest sometimes helps in the summer and early fall before returning to Florida for the winter.
For two weeks this summer, we had Fr. Goodwin, our original chaplin. He is now with the FSSP, and was the preacher at the TLM shown on EWTN on the 14th.

We have three different diocesan priests celebrating our mass.

Where is the Congregation of the Resurrection radio button?

The Mass I attend was formerly the diocese’s indult parish, said by a retired diocesan priest. Our current priest is a Carmelite, but I don’t know where he’s based out of. He comes in to say the TLM and is not the parish’s pastor.

My pastor requested diocesan priests from outside the parish to celebrate the TLM, until he learned how to celebrate it on his own. He has been assisting at the Mass and will celebrate his first TLM this Sunday. One of the associate pastors is also in the process of learning to celebrate the TLM.

I go to a Monastery.

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