WHO chief: flu pandemic appears to be happening

GENEVA (AP) - The head of the World Health Organization says the swine flu outbreak appears to have reached pandemic proportions.

WHO Director-General Margaret Chan says “on the surface of it” she believes a pandemic has been reached.
Chan says she will hold a conference call with governments Wednesday in order to verify some of the reports she has received before making a formal announcement.

She told reporters in Geneva on Tuesday that “Once I get indisputable evidence, I will make the announcement.”
WHO says the virus has infected 26,563 people in 73 countries and caused 140 deaths. Most of the cases have been in North America but Europe and Australia have also seen a sharp increase in recent days.


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140 deaths out of over 26,000 people infected?

I’m not panicking yet.

Here in MN it went from “a kid has it - close the school for a week” to “2 kids have it, so at graduation ceremonies, we won’t be shaking anyone’s hands.”:cool:

Most who have died have died from complications with another situation (not good, but not being directly killed by H1N1 either).:shrug:

I would love to know the criteria for “pandemic” since such a small fraction of the world population is affected. Every year people get a variety of different types of flu and some people die from it - normally due to complications with an existing condition…I still trust God.

The World Health Organization said Tuesday a spike in swine flu cases in Australia may push it to finally announce the first flu pandemic in 41 years. It also expressed concern about an unusual rise in severe illness from the disease in Canada.

WHO’s flu chief Keiji Fukuda said the agency wanted to avoid “adverse effects” if it announces a global outbreak of swine flu. Fukuda said people might panic or that governments might take inappropriate actions if WHO declares a pandemic.
Some flu experts think the world already is in a pandemic and that WHO has caved in to country requests that a declaration be postponed. “On the surface of it, I think we are in phase 6,” or a pandemic, said Margaret Chan, WHO’s director-general.


A pandemic according to the World Health Organization is:

An identified virus has caused sustained community level outbreaks in two or more countries in a region and in at least one other country in another region.

More info here:

We have actually been at a pandemic level for quite some time. However it is starting to grow to the point where governments can’t deny it any longer.

List of reported cases (many many more cases are not reported):

Please, this is the orgainization that let AIDS get out of hand for political (and monetary) purposes.

All the other flu’s come through, killing thousands upon thousands of untold people, and it doesn’t even get a mention.

This is hype, and that’s all there is to it.

When will people learn to stop paying attention to so-called “news”?

It’s uncertain at this time how serious or severe this novel H1N1 virus will be in terms of how many people infected will develop serious complications or die or how this new virus may affect the U.S. during its upcoming influenza season in the fall and winter. Because this is a new virus, most people will have little or no immunity against it, and illness may be more severe and widespread as a result. In addition, currently there is no vaccine to protect against this novel H1N1 virus. CDC anticipates that there will be more cases, more hospitalizations and more deaths associated with this new virus.


Best to watch what happens in Austrailia and South America who are just going into their flu season. see:
Continues its March Through AustraliaSwine Flu

The strain in Canada seems harsher than what is happening here in the US.

Thanks, Gilliam!!! I appreciate your assistance! I guess I didn’t realize it was quite so serious.

No matter what some say, the criteria is anything that will let the Socialists/Relativist/Liberals wrest more dictatorial control over the populace. I would not trust the facts coming from the WHO, UN or any other Socialist cadre.

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