Who committed the worst sin?


A: Lucifer
B: Adam and/or Eve
C: Judas
D: Someone else?

It’s just a question I’ve thought about a few times. What are your thoughts? I would say A, but I’d like to see the perspective of others, anyway.


I think A because he was an angel and was seeing God but decided to say no. So he lost forever


I would add poor Peter to the list as well.
To know God and to deny him…eeeek.

Peter was so utterly relatable throughout all the gospels.


Add to the list, anyone who dies unrepentant of mortal sin. THEY commit the worst sin. Because it is the unforgivable sin.


I would also think it was A. If it wasn’t for Lucifer’s sin, Adam and Eve would probably not have committed their sin and man would not have fallen, therefore the sin of Judas would not have occured. Could Adam and Eve have committed their sin without Lucifer?


I would think Lucifer, because the others may not have sinned if he hadn’t denied God.


Lucifer’s was especially bad as it was irreversible for all eternity.


This thread doesn’t make your own sins feel quite so bad… :blush:


I’d say A- from his sin came B, C and D.


Lucifer lead a third of the angles to eternal damnation. Adam and Eve fell but only from paradise to earth from where they were redeemed. Judas we frankly don’t know. There is only one guy in the OT who spoke from hell. For all I know he is the only human occupant.


I did.


Lucifer most likely. He did not repent while Adam and Eve did. As for Judas, we have no idea. Since Judas is a question mark, we turn to Satan’s sin as the worst.


All sin is equal tbh.


I don’t know if thats completely true - the Church even distinguishes between venial and mortal sins. I think it’s quite evident that losing your temper and making an unwarranted rude comment does not carry the same weight as murder.


No you’re right. Xx just still shaking off the old Protestant teachings lol


You are right in that a sin is still a sin even if it’s a little one.


Lucifer because he was created with superior knowledge. Humans are more limited in that sense.


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