Who defends the Catholic Church?


Who defends the Catholic Church?

Times are very tough right now, and with the latest from the Clinton campaign (viciously trying to attack Catholics), who is to defend the Church? I know of only one priest where I live out of three parishes that is somewhat vocal about this.

The K.O.C., bless them, but it’s all about charity, which is not a bad thing at all, but again not vocal about anything.

Who can defend the Church in such trying times?


We do. By our actions, our vote, and our outreach.
And the Head of the K of C certainly did speak out. Google it.


Catholics, just like the rest of history. ^^

The Church has seen many difficult times in the past, and will likely see many more in the future. It is mostly up to us, the Catholic laymen and laywomen, to defend and spread the Truth of the Gospel.


I will forever defend the Catholic Church!


:thumbsup: Yep. It’s up to the Body of Christ, His Church (us) to defend His Bride. We’ve been doing it since 33 AD and will have to continue until the devil gets tired of attacking us. (I wouldn’t hold my breath…just take Saint Peter’s advice and be always prepared to give a reasoned defense for the hope with you.)


The Catholic League does a good job and can always use donations, William Donohue is President. They also send out a Journal with articles which the liberal PC media sweep under the rug.



But are those swords real and do they know how to use them is the question! :wink:


It’s ceremonial, but it’ll work in a pinch :stuck_out_tongue:


Amen to that, many Catholics think changing the Supreme Court that it’s going to be a cure all to do away with Abortion Nation Wide. The truth is that is never going to happen. It’s a red herring being sold for votes by Conservative Politicians. A conservative judge has to get through the Senate without a Democratic Filibuster that will not happen in a Pro Choice Party. The best outcome that one could expect is that it becomes a State’s Right Issue. Blue States will continue to perform Abortions and women in Red States wanting an Abortion will cross over to neighboring Blue States.
You are right on when you say it’s up to us the Catholic laymen and laywomen to defend and spread the Truth of the Gospel. We have to be today’s Missionaries of the Catholic Faith. We can’t do that by just talking to ourselves and demonizing the other political party and other Faiths.


The Catholic League



The Pontifical Swiss Guard defends The Papacy in the physical sense that they defend the Vatican from outright violence.

For spiritual protection there are priests, deacons, holy orders (Knights of St. John for example), organizations, monastic orders, and regular everyday Catholics who keep the word in their hearts and their deeds.


I’m sorry but everytime Bill Donahue opens his mouth he drives a number of Catholics out of the Church. The bleeding of Catholic Parishioners from the Faith won’t stop until Politics is driven out.


Actually, it is not Catholics who leave. It is those who profess being Catholic but actually live lives that portray other values. They have been force fed an anti-Catholic agenda for so long they actually believe it now. It’s the same crowd that thinks killing innocent children in the womb is a woman’s right, the same crowd that thanks sodomy should be Church sanctioned and the list goes on. I believe just the opposite, Catholics should stand for something, and be vocal about what is right, if the so called Catholics want to leave I will be happy to show them the door.


The only way that politics can be driven out of the Church is for a conversion of hearts for those people whose view is shaped by what they think are political views that oppose the Church.

Abortion isn’t a political issue, it’s a moral issue.
Traditional marriage isn’t a political issue, it’s a moral issue.
Fredom of religion and speech isn’t a political issue, it’s a moral issue.

Unfortunately too many people fall for the trap of thinking that because something is a right, it’s right. They fall into thinking that issues that have been made political are political.

Does the case of the terminated Macy’s employee who not knowing policy had changed wouldn’t let a man go into women’ changing room concern people? The guy was told the new policy and said he would comply. He got called on the carpet for this one incident three different times by HR who harassed him into admitting he was Catholic at which point they fired him for not thinking like a Macy’s employee? That isn’t disconcerting? The guy should have just known that policy had changed or is there no room at Macy’s for people who don’t go in lock step for radical left’s agenda?

How about doctors opposed to abortion and gender reassignment surgeries being stripped of their licenses? That doesn’t bother people? What about people being fined $125k for not baking a cake or taking pictures for SSA weddings? Are there not plenty of other bakers or photographers in any given area? Why target these people?

No, the Church doesn’t need to drive out politics, the parishioners need to drive it out of their own lives. If you don’t agree with Church moral teaching than you probably should consider leaving the Church because the Church is sham if goes changing the Bible arbitrarily. At that point it might as well just become another branch of Amnesty International. Turn the priests into social workers.

Our religion is to inform our politics, our politics are not to inform our religion.


Lots of good responses to my original question.

I am also thinking about who is defending the Church, in an online/social media capacity? Reading news articles (even on mainstream safe sites like local CBS, ABC, etc), there are always comment sections. In reading over them I’ve noticed that there are absolute heinous attacks against religion. Vehement and foaming, some just find a way to interject religion and denigrate it to a point that you could almost classify it as a form of online harassment.

I know that some will say, you shouldn’t let comment sections get to you, but the stuff that I’m reading about is 100x worse than you think. It is very eye-opening for sure.


Let me give you an example of why it’s so hard to make any dent on social media–that includes newspapers, etc. A friend wrote a reply to an op-ed piece and sent it to the newspaper that printed the piece. After they got done “editing” his reply the editor made my friend’s words say the exact opposite of what he intended. It’s called bias–and some people are so biased they literally cannot see any other position than the one they hold.

You cannot logically fight against feelings, and that’s what drives such people’s comments–not logic or reason, even if they say they have logic/reason on their side. Jesus himself ran up against this wall of resistant when he preached, and even when he healed people. There are people who are so hardened in their hearts and minds that they cannot be otherwise. They would walk off a cliff even if told it would kill them if they thought they’d have to bow to ideas repellent to them.

You can’t argue or reason with such stubborn refusal to listen. Only the Holy Spirit can do that. Most people who post in social media are not open to discussion. That’s obvious to those of us who have read such comments. But, we can do what is in our power where we are to help people see the truth by knowing us as faithful Catholic full of love and Christ’s joy. That makes a bigger impression than all the words in the world. That, and prayer, of course. Lots and lots and lots of prayer. Jesus sent his Apostles to preach and teach, he didn’t write anything nor publish anything. He relies on us to spread the truth in our daily lives, which is a lot harder to do than to write words in social media. :wink:


Show them the Door ? This is exactly the rhetoric that is driving middle of the road Catholics to leave the faith !

1Now the tax collectors and sinners were all gathering around to hear Jesus. 2But the Pharisees and the teachers of the law muttered, “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.”

3Then Jesus told them this parable: 4“Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? 5And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders 6and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’ 7I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.


The scripture passages you point out are important and should be heeded and recognized. We’re not called to be harsh or judgmental about people (we can judge something to be a sin, however) but what you’re talking about is gathering sheep who want to repent.

However, your very words betray that you think that Church teaching is wrong and that faithful Catholics who uphold it and the Church should repent. The issue, however, is that people who disagree with the Church on abortion, traditional marriage, etc. are not seeking repentance, they disagree with Church teaching and believe that they’re right, the Church is wrong.

Are people who believe and adhere to all Church teachings to sit back quietly while Catholics who want the Church to modernize tear the Church down from within? In other words, should pro-abortion, pro-SSM Catholics be allowed to say whatever they want while the all others should sit silently? Was Christ’s lesson to us to be nice so as not to offend anybody? Could we not substitute radical adherents to the sexual revolution in place of money changers in the temple? That doesn’t seem like a difficult swap in the parable…


Being lukewarm and publicly neutral about your faith is a comfortable luxury that is going to quickly disappear.
I think it was Bp Barron who said anti-Christianity is the last acceptable prejudice.


No I never said that Church Teaching is wrong. I personally believe that Catholicism is a moral compass to salvation. But at times we go astray and I don’t believe in showing the door to those Catholics for example who might have a homosexual son or daughter and feel differently on gay issues. I feel it’s not right to demonize Catholics who vote Democratic. It really bothers me on Catholics who hijack our Faith for Political Gain both left and right. Do we not want an all inclusive church or not ? Does it matter if you lean left or right, does it matter if you are Republcan or Democrat ? An inconvenient truth is for every 1 Catholic convert we lose 4 in our Church. We do a poor job as Missionaries for our Faith. We need to soften the rhetoric in defending our Faith. It’s not about modernizing the Church, Catholic dogma will always be a ROCK.

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