Who died first St. Paul or St. Peter?


Does anyone know who was first martyr in Rome? Was it Paul and then Peter?

or Peter first then Paul? I just watch a movie about Peter, and in that movie Paul died before Peter.


Unknown. They were both killed under Nero’s rule. Probably Peter first.


What gave you that conclusion?


I could be imagining this, but aren’t there instances in Paul’s letters in which he refers to Peter in the past tense? If so, and depending on the context, that could be a clue.



I checked in McKenzie’s Dictionary of the Bible, a very orthodox and knowledgeable book (with imprimatur etc.) , and he writes that Peter was likely executed in the reign of Nero between 64 and 67. He also says written tradition doesn’t say much but the it is “so storngly imbedded in tradition that few recent historians doubt it”.

Paul’s death is listed as between 67 and 68, a date ranged affixed because it “must” be before the death of Nero.

So it appears likely Peter died first, but they could have been very close together.

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