Who Dies in God's Friendship?


Who Dies in God’s Friendship?

As Catholics, we believe all who die in God’s friendship will ultimately go to heaven. In order to die in God’s friendship one cannot have mortal sin on their soul.

Would it then be accurate to say that all people who do not have mortal sin will ultimately go to heaven? (I know original sin may also factor into the equation.)

Along with this question, would it be accurate to say that Catholics without mortal sin should have “assurance” that they will die in God’s friendship and go to heaven? If that’s the case, this may be comforting for those who constantly worry about their security in Christ.


Who dies in God’s friendship?

Simply put, whoever wants to.

But to be more specific, anyone who dies in the state of grace (i.e., without an unforgiven mortal sin) will go to heaven, though they may have to be purified in purgatory first.


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