Who do I pray or ask for intercession while praying the rosary?

Do ask only Mary for an intercession or can you offer a rosary exclusively for Jesus? Does it matter if it is a full or partial rosary?

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. In the Rosary, you think about the mysteries of Jesus and Mary’s lives as you say the Hail Mary’s, asking Mary to pray for you. The Our Father is addressed to the Father, and the Glory Be to God, and the O my Jesus to Jesus.

When you pray and ask for a petition, do you not ask God or someone else to answer/intercede for you? I am trying to ask who do you ask: God directly or for Mary to intercede for you?

Both. We ask God directly and we ask Mary to intercede for us.

Since the rosary is a private devotion, you may offer it as you please. Nor does it matter if it is a full or a partial rosary.

Pry for an intercession or for Jesus.For me is important that I am concentrate with God during prying.

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