Who do you say that He is?

Jesus the Christ. Who do you say that He is? Saviour? Friend? Judge? Brother? Teacher?

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Mediator between me and the Creator, and personal boss to obey and imitate and he transformed by. Friend and confidant lastly.

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Everything you listed except Judge. God the Father is the just Judge. Jesus is our mediator with the Father. The Holy Spirit is our Advocate/ Counselor.

If you work in the legal field, the mediator, advocate/ counselor, and judge all have different roles. So Jesus isn’t the judge.

Jesus is my friend, brother, teacher, role model, and savior, of course. He is also the Word made flesh who comes to me physically.


The Credo states that “He will come to judge the living and the dead”.

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Jesus judges based on the authority to judge that’s delegated to him by the Father. He does the Father’s will.

A rabbi following in the tradition of other rabbis.

God the Son. Through the Incarnation he entered human history.

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