Who do you think is more serious about thier religion... Kids or adults?


My mom was watching a show called Kid Nation in the living room, and I sat down and watched with her. The kids on the show were winning a prize, and they had to choose between religious books (bibles:bible1:, etc.) and something else, I can’t remember what… (I remember it was something “fun”) The kids chose the religious stuff:thumbsup:, so I wonder… Who do you think is more serious about thier religion, kids or adults?:confused:


I think it depends on the kid, and it depends on the adult. Lots of kids are very serious about their religion, and they most likely learned this from adults who were serious about theirs. :slight_smile:

But there are also some kids who have never been taught anything about religion, and there are adults who have fallen away from their religion, if they ever had any to begin with. It’s impossible to judge an entire category of people, since each person is so different from everyone else.


I also think it depends on the kid. Sometimes we are pleasantly surprised by the choices our kids make. Recently my parish started a new youth group. I asked my kids to go and they grumbled and declined, mostly, I am sure because of how the youth groups have been run in the past. I got them to go to the first one and both my kids can’t wait to go every time now. On top of that, my dd who is very quiet in school, loves to discuss and frequently does the majority of the talking in this group. My ds loves it too… and he is 18 so there is no forcing him to go… he wants to go. I am so proud of these kids… and I don’t blame them at all for not wanting to try it at first… our DRE is an almost blind nun that isn’t catechised well(she actually told the kids there was a female pope once)… and she has always run it in the past… right into the ground! This time it is a 21 yo woman and a 25 yo man who is applying to the seminary… and a good friend of the family… (did I mention, he is a convert from protestantism, and I have been telling him for years he would be Catholic one day?)


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