Who do you wish would be beatified/canonized?

Blessed Brother Andre
Dorothy Day

John Paul II
Bishop Fulton Sheen

Those who are still living:

Mother Angelica
Pope Benedict XVI
Fr. John Corapi

Venerable Father Samuel Mazzuchelli, an extraordinary missionary priest who did remarkable work here in the midwestern United States during the 19th century.

You can read some about him here. He also wrote a fascinating autobiography about his early career while he was recovering from an illness. It is back in print under the title The Missionary.


Really? I’m not an expert on him, but I know he was passionate about civil rights and social justice, and he was a very devout Catholic.

Unfortunately he inherited the womanizing tendencies of the Kennedy men and cheated on his wife. He may have conquered this if he had lived longer - I like to think so.

I looked up Elisabeth Leseur - oh my what an inspiration!! I must read her book, it looks like the perfect one for Lent this year.

G.K. Chesterton
Mother Theresa of Calcutta
Blessed Frederick Ozanam

Several already mentioned, but I can’t believe no one has mentioned yet:

Bl. Jacinta Marto
Bl. Francisco Marto
Sr. Lucia dos Santos

the Fatima visionaries! My daughter is named Jacinta–we have a great devotion to them. I’m hoping now that Sr. Lucia has joined them in heaven, they will all be canonized soon.

Mother Theresa
Pius XII
Archbishop Fulton Sheen
Benedict XIV (The real one, not the Antipopes)
Bl Pius IX

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha (she was born only an hour from where I live!)

Blessed Mother Marianne Cope (she was raised in my hometown!)

Ven. Maria Teresa Quevedo (she loved Our Lady!)

Sir Richard Dawkins. It would be quite a surprise.

Pope Leo XIII
Pope Piux XII (in the process of being beatified)
Fr. McGivney

Those are logical choices not too many can be considered right now not too many have been dead long enough to consider beatification at this point.

Wouldn’t that be cool if he had a conversion and became a saint!!!

I am liking that idea!

My “wish list” is also quite long… but for this thread… I will say Pope John Paul II.

I have a great devotion to him, having been graced to be present at his Papal Mass in Los Angeles (1987)… and also received not one… but TWO blessings from him on that day. His intercession played a large part in my return to the faith.


Frankly, I am disappointed that Mexico’s Proto-Martyr, Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro, SJ, has not been canonized yet. His was the first martyrdom to ever be recorded by the media. In fact, Carranza (or Obregon) invited journalists to cover Blessed Miguel’s execution thinking that it would inflict fear upon Mexican Catholics. However, the opposite happened, as this photographic record strengthened the faithful and gave courage to the rest of the priests, some of whom followed Blessed Miguel in martyrdom (but, for some reason, skipped him over for canonization).

If there was anyone who truly suffered and gave his life for the Church in Mexico, it certainly was Blessed Miguel Pro.

Okay friend Cerad. You nearly had me having to clean my monitor on that one!:thumbsup:

I do wish that Pope John Paul II would be beatified and canonized but I didn’t include him on my list because of his death been recent enough. I do believe that he will be beatified and canonized as a saint. I just believe it is too early to consider him for that when there are people in line before him. This a rule if there is one one how long before a person within the church can be dead before being beatified and canonized as a saint. I do believe that one day he will be a saint and I feel it will happen within the next 100 years.

So does one have to be a Catholic in order to become a saint?

Depends on how you define “saint.”

If you mean a saint officially canonized by the Catholic Church, recognized as a model of holiness, yes, I think you have to be Catholic.

If by “saint” you mean a friend of God, destined for eternal life with Him, it is possible for non-Catholics to be saints if they serve God as best they are able, having perhaps part of the truth if not the fullness of truth contained in the Catholic Church.

The last two certainly - &:

*]Venerable Cesare Baronio
*]John Henry Cardinal Newman
*]Oscar Romero
]those martyred under Mao, Hitler, Stalin & less notorious gangsters
]Venerable Margaret Sinclair **
*]The Martyrs of England & Wales, & their Irish fellow-Martyrs
*]Madame Elizabeth (who is one of
*]the martyrs of the French Revolution)
*]John of Montecorvino[/LIST]
- to name a few :gopray: :getholy:

Mine are the Franciscans of course :stuck_out_tongue:

Bl. John XXIII
Matt Talbot
Fr. Solanus Casey

and my other favorites are

Bl. Mo. Teresa of Calcutta
John Newman
Fulton Sheen
Pier Giorgio Frasetti (We need a contemporary young saint)
Catherine de Hueck Doherty
Dorothy Day

I do believe that John Paul’s beatification is coming soon. I would not be surprised if it happened between 2009 and 2011. Mother Teresa’s was very quick, so there is a presedent.

There is another presedent that many people don’t know. Francis of Assisi was formally canonized 18 months after his death, without a beatification and an investigation and no miracles. This was after the Church had begun to formalize canonizations. Pope Gregory canonized him becasue he knew him personally and had been a long friend. He was sure that Francis was a saint based on his own experience of the man’s life.

Benedict XVI knew John Paul II personally for more than 20 years. They knew each other since Vatican II. It was Benedict who first used the term, “John Paul the Great” and he has often referred to John Paul as being in heaven. I suspect that like Gregory, Benedict has some strong convictions on this one.

JR :slight_smile:

Fr John A. Hardon S.J. (Mother Theresa’s spiritual director.)

*Prayer for the Glorification of Fr. John A. Hardon, S. J.

We thank you, O Lord! for having blessed your Church with the untiring service of your priest, John Hardon.

May he, from heaven, continue his mission and obtain for us the strength and the intelligence to proclaim and defend the truth with genuine fidelity to the Catholic Faith and the charity he drew from the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Grant us, we pray, the favors we ask through his intercession and raise him to the honors of the altar. Amen.

His Eminence,
Edouard Cardinal Gagnon, P.S.S. *

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