Who does God keep rewarding me?

I, as we all are, am a sinner. But I keep going back to the same sins over and over again, and I have been extremely disrespectful to God, His creation, and all the gifts He has given me. Yet here I am, living in a wonderful country, I am of a privileged race, I have been gifted with so many things, and the rewards keep pouring in. Except these rewards are coming while I remain a sinner. I don’t understand how I can be so terrible, yet God can remain so kind to me. Is there some answer to this?

God is love.


so what are you exactly remorseful for? If you regret your sins…start going to confession and reflect on what you have done wrong…


Your time on Earth is short, you don’t know whats on the other side for you.

Yeah… I am trying to figure that one out too.

Or you may have-probably have-your concept of reward backwards or at best, badly understood. God does not reward us for our sins, but Satin will keep sending sins and temptations our way in the guise of rewards or the good life. Thus, he has a noose on your soul and will choke-reign you in. Your deluding yourself if you think God is rewarding you for a sinful life. Peace.

Agreed. Reminds me of an article I read on the devil’s tactics, in particular this part:

And always remember that satan will show you a great physical time, for a while. He will give you money, sex, power, or whatever, to convince you that you have the secret of life, and that the Mother Teresa’s of the world who are God’s servants are stupid and dumb. But he will ALWAYS pop your balloon after he has blown it up and puffed you up with pride. He will let you get away with your favorite sin time after time after time, but one day, you will not get away with it. Either you will be devastated in this life because of your sinful lifestyle (death of a loved one, jail time, depression, etc.), or even worse, you will die unexpectedly and go straight to hell. The bible says that it IS IMPOSSIBLE to please God if you live in the flesh (Romans: 8:8).

God bless,


My song is love unknown,
my Saviour’s love to me,
love to the loveless shown
that they might lovely be.

[Samuel Crossman, “My Song Is Love Unknown”]

You are the exact gender and race that God meant for you to be. You were born at the exact time and place, to the exact parents and geographically where God wanted you to be. You are part of His perfect plan!

I am not sure what you mean by the “rewards” that keep pouring in. Do you mean material rewards? Are you a nice looking person, so you are doing fairly well physically? Are you doing fairly well financially? Those can be temptations as much as they can be rewards. The biggest rewards are the spiritual ones.

Remember too, that no one goes through life pain-free. Not that you should look to the future with fear, but everyone in life suffers loss, struggles, death of loved ones, pain in relationships and physical illness. Right now you are in a time of rejoicing so rejoice in the Lord!

Which race?

The only privileged race is the human race. We are children of God and that’s the privilege that matters!

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