Who does he think he is?!


This man admits he is the antiChrist! :eek:


Lord have mercy…:rolleyes:


The real antiChrist will be far to clever to reveal himself so early. He’ll have immense power first.

Don’t worry this is just an attention seeking nut job.:slight_smile:


He is most definitely AN anti-Christ, but I seriously doubt he is THE Anti-Christ! :rolleyes:


Vade retro satana.
Nunquem suade mihi vana.
Sunt mala quae libas.
Ipse venena bibas.


Sad but he isn’t the first nor will he be the last.




Amazing how easily these sort of people seem to draw followers!


:whistle: :whistle:


He’s not the AntiChrist, he’s a very naughty boy!:smiley:


I love seeing updates of this guy. He just keeps getting crazier! (And leading more people to hell. :o )


I will pray for him in front of the Holy Eucharist. To defend the anti Christ we need to pray to Christ himself


The real Anti-Christ is far too clever to publicize himself as such. This man probably needs some psychological counseling.


The REAL anti-christ will be someone who tries to say that he is the real messiah and that Jesus was a liar.


Like Muhammad, Joseph Smith, and Tom Cruise? :wink:


Hey! Tom Cruise did the research!:wink: :rolleyes: :smiley:


Yeah I saw this on CNN, I freaked completely.

The people that follow him have to be so stupid to get 666 on them. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


It just proves how perverse our world has become.


Just when you thought we were done with the likes of Jim Jones, David Koresh, and those Comet Hale-Bop people, check this out:

This is dangerous. This guy claims to be God! He has a following nationwide and he is telling his followers the following things…
1.There is no sin anymore, since Christ died for all sin, anything you do now would not be sin…
2.He is the Anti-Christ, but not in the definition it is known for, but that he is the Christ to come…the second coming “After” Christ. He claims to do even bigger and better things than Jesus…
3.There is no Hell…this is Heaven now…since there is no sin…

This guy is trippin!!! We need to pray for him and for those who blindly follow him. Jesus warned us against false christs…undoubtedly this is one of them. The term…“Anti-Christ” might very well suit him…that is the kind of spirit he is under, like 1 John states…
Pray everybody…pray…


I will pray.

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