Who else likes old movies?

I’ve not lost hope! :smiley:

But I do sort of mean that if something’s on regular TV, people are more likely to watch and to be intrigued than if they have to go to the trouble of joining Netflix (which we looked into and decided not to do) or sloggin’ to the library to take out a DVD.

try your public library, ours has a great selection of old movies.

My hubby is into the Hammer films…

Good point. I think that guy that used to introduce the films on Turner (gentlemanly-looking guy with white hair :o ) may have played a role in my interest in old films. Not sure how else I would’ve gotten into them. Network TV is pretty bad, but that’s another thread that’s been beaten to a pulp already. I always just rented them when I was younger. There are also film archives online with lots of weird, obscure stuff. My dad still tries to get me into Patton and those older war movies. Unless Patton straps on some tap shoes and starts twirling around, he can keep it!

I just purchased Dr Zhivago on a 3 pack at Wally World.

Also has Gone with the wind and something else cant think of it right now.

but I remember my mom had said Dr Zhivago was a must watch, so I finally will. Now I have it.

Oh yes and hey Crow! down in front!


It might be time to pull out Santa vrs the Martians

With Pia Zadora! can’t forget that


The Mexican Santa Claus movie was pretty good too. “Lupita, nooooo!”

I love old Shirley Temple movies. I can only rent them through Blockbuster’s Total Access Rental service (the local blockbuster stores don’t seem to think they should have those movies for rental IN STORE). I own “The Littlest Rebel”, “Dimples” and “Bright Eyes”. I own Rebel and Dimples because Rebel was on a “long wait” for rental & Dimples wasn’t even available for rental.

They don’t make movies like Shirley Temple ones anymore.

Funny, I just posted a link to that movie from the public archives somewhere on here. I haven’t seen the MST version of it, yet, though. Perhaps I need to add it to my Netflix.

Oh - you hit all my favorites!!!

I would add “The Best Years of our Lives”:cool:

I just bought it today! It was a DOLLAR!

plans to use as stocking-stuffer and supply own MST soundtrack

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