Who else thinks new music is torture to the ears?

I do, and i’m 15. I don’t know how many times I have to say it, Taylor Swift is NOT country, and they play it every 5 minutes on the radio, so kids will go on I-tunes and download that ONE song. Thats ridiculous. And what is up with garbage like Soulja Boy? That stuff is tourture to the ears. Seriously. And then theirs stuff like Disturbed, which kids think is “awesome”. Bull I say. It seems like people like something because it’s played on the radio alot. It’s rediculous. Anyone else find todays music to be terrible?

There have been a lot of crossovers to country since “Popular Music” seems to be hell bent on Rap.

As for Taylor Swift, she fits into that category which is geared towards the disinchanted crowd.

I listen to “The Fox” here in Detroit and they play a blend, but there is a bent by some of the DJ’s towards the kick type country music that I like.

As far as country music goes I agree with you two. There has not been a good, for lack of better word, album out in a while. Saying that on CMT’s site you can listen to Daryl Worleys new album for free. It is not that bad in my opinion.

I agree with that, Taylor Swift is pop music with an accoustic guitar, old country is where it’s at.

“Who else thinks new music ‘sucks’?”

Yes, those Beatles can get on my nerves sometimes too! :slight_smile:

What prompts such a young person as you to visit time on a religious forum? It’s commendable and heartening as well.

Does your screen name by any chance indicate that you are a Kevin Bacon fan? He’s from my city and if you have heard him speak then you have pretty much heard us all.

His is the archetypical Philly accent, though he came from an upper crust environment. (His father, who passed away just a few years ago, I think, had been an illustrious city planner and a Philadelphia icon for years. It’s sort of sad that such a man would later in life become better known as “Kevin Bacon’s father” than for his own considerable achievements.) Bacon seems another Humphrey Bogart; an actor who hailed from a rich environment but made a career of playing streetwise tough guys.

Indeed, that’s one of, in my opinion, the few flaws with Bacon as an actor. No matter what character he’s playing, and from where, he just can’t seem to entirely shake that characteristic, nasal Philadelphia accent.

Best of luck to you, young man!

When I was in high school, I didn’t like the music that was popular at the time. I like it a bit better now. Part of that is nostalgia, I think- but I really think popular music is getting worse as time goes by.

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Are you saying that this music is trash based only on the way it sounds or because it brings a negative message? I don’t like any of the artists listed but I can come up with some bands that I like that would probably drive you crazy and are by no means “bad” music. A certain sounding music doen’t make it bad, it’s what the message is.

Yes. Otherwise we could say that anything in a minor key was “bad” and shouldn’t be played or recorded. And I think the Church did at one time make rules like this but whether it was for music comissioned by the Church or for the secular world as well I don’t know.

Right, although sometimes the music has qualities (loudness, disharmony, distortion) that reflect or reinforce the message of the lyrics. Can you imagine if some moral authority outlawed certain scales because they were morally suspect? No Myxolidian mode for you! (Actually I think the Catholic Church did have this authority at one time although I don’t know if it applied these rules to music in general, including secular music, or just to music it was having commissioned – which would be much more reasonable.)

Well I’m biased toward Taylor Swift because she performed at my high school after we won some huge contest thing lol!

There is plenty of good in new music, its just about finding your taste.

I listen to just about anything including top 40 radio. I’ll admit that I enjoy the Beatles just as much as I enjoy David Archuleta or The Killers. It’s all about taste.

I like some of those qualities, I like metal, but I also like old country music (weird huh?). In fact, I like most music, except pop music. Of course music can have a bad message, but thats not what i’m talking about, I’m talking about musical quality, it’s subjective, and I find most of todays music to be terrible.

I feel top 40 radio is alot of the problem. They play this music over and over and bash it into your head. The same song every 20 minutes. And it isn’t even very good. Most of it lives or dies by a catchy hook. But soon, the listeners will move on-to something else. People will listen to anything there told too.

Then listen to other music. There’s thousands of bands out there. Check out your local scene, it probably has some pretty cool local groups. The nature of top40/pop radio will always be the same. It always has been.

I know what you mean about popular music though, anything on top 40 radio is probably sh*t IMO, cause the general populace has no taste for quality music. songs that are overplayed on the radio and produced simply for comercial gains are considered awesome music by alot of kids but I hate all of that trash. don’t get me wrong, there can be some good music on the radio but you ahve to wait through 6 ****** songs before you hear a good one.

Popular music = garbage

I agree. I want to like new music, because I’ve heard the “old” music so much. I listen to mostly classic rock, classical, and standards, and some newer jazzy stuff. :slight_smile:

I like the All American Rejects. They have their own thing going.

Yes! That is so true. And I have looked into my local scene, but where I live near, there’s a big punk scene and I’m not really into punk rock. But since the poster above you said that, I’m going to look for some bands in other genres.
And about 2 of those 6 songs, will probably be the same. (half sarc)

I like new music, just not the popular stuff. Although I am a huge fan of punk rock, the “popular punk” of what kids listen to isn’t even punk it’s just overproduced trash. The All American Retards for instance, I hear Gives You Hell like 5 TIMES in an hour thoughout the selection of stations it’s sooo anoying! (I’m not saying they’re trying to be punk, they’re just overproduced)

That song is quite annoying. And blink 182, and other garbage isn’t punk, avril lagvine definatly ISNT punk. Real modern punk bands you usually have to look hard for. In other words, it might take a google search to ever even hear of them because you aren’t going to hear them on the radio or anything.

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