Who Else Was On Earth?


Since Adam and Eve and their children were the only ones on earth, who did Cain meet after he left and where did they come from? Thank you.


Other children of Adam and Eve who had travelled off in the hundreds of years the Bible says people lived back then. Due to being far less mutated and having not yet experienced any genetic bottlenecks, incest wouldn’t have been near as bad for the children as it is now.




And where, in the name of Good Fortune, does the Bible proclaim this? The Bible tells us that Adam and Eve had children named Cain, Abel and Seth. That’s it. Anything else is simply personal speculation that is meaningless.


The Bible also does not speak of the birth of Mary, or Joseph.
Perhaps it is just as meaningless to presume they were, in fact, born.

Absence of an explicit statement does not mean it did not happen.


Or, for that matter, that Jesus had a sister or that He was married and had children.

See how that works?


Genesis 5:4 “And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years; and he begot sons and daughters.” Adam and Eve had more than 3 kids.


Yes, I do. Apparently you missed it.

Each of the circumstances (Cain’s wife,Mary, Joseph) have some extra biblical evidence.

Mary and Joseph each had to have been born. They did not just pop into existence.
Cain married a woman. She existed, and had to come from somewhere.
At the time there were only two human parents around. The math is not difficult.
Of course it could be he married a niece instead of a sister, or even a descendent further down the family tree.
The point really is that there is evidence, he married a woman, and she must have come from his own family tree.
The bible is silent, but the evidence allows for speculation without contradicting scripture.

Jesus’ sister however has no evidence at all.


Seeing that the Church has never taught that Genesis is to be taken literally, one is not required to do the mental gymnastics necessary to make everything in the text be “true.” As has been so often repeated here, the Church says that the important thing in the early texts of the Bible is the conveyed message, not how the message is conveyed. The issue of Cain’s wife is one of those that has made many a Catholic a biblical fundamentalist. If she can’t be explained, then somehow the truth of scripture is called into question. This is not and never has been Catholic teaching.


Yeah, yeah…and that text comes after the one that says Cain become a wanderer, got married and founded the first city.

And I suppose that you believe that he lived 800 years as being literal, too, huh?


Yes, Adam and Eve had a lot more than just three kids. It could be that Abel was married and had kids.


Genesis 1: 28 for those who believe in God. :thumbsup:


when Adam and Eve went out of the garden what did they find? they found plants ( a whom ) diff’nt behaving animals angels and possibly dragons. cain on the other hand had two hands so where did he go? what did Cain do? well one might suppose he met some of his Parents “friends” or other humans grown of age besides Himself cain’s stood with and prolly chose to eat or craft something entirely new and aRcane. other places and other instruments he may started with and found. Another “stuff” i’d ask is who or what?

thank You

God bless


There aren’t a lot of possibilities, are there? The only other people would have to be the children of Adam and Eve.


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