Who exactly goes to hell?


It is my understanding that people who do not follow catholic faith and accept Jesus as their way of life go to hell. But is this true even for good human beings, or human beings of goodness that change the world (ghandi) but are not catholic? Why do they go to hell?

I thought of this today as i go to a Buddhist death anniversary today (thane). Alot of my fathers friends are Buddhist, as is he, and they are very good people, often better than most catholics i know. And alot of people i know that have passed away had non catholic faiths. What I’m concerned about is that these people are tortured forever just because they had faith in something else. It just doesn’t make sense that god sends decent human beings to eternal suffering, simply for not believing in him.

I don’t know much about heaven and hell, so answers from knowledgeable people about hell are much appreciated.


hell is a placw were people go who reject god. just believing in jesus doesnt gaurantee heaven-you have to live it. as far as budhists go, they are very good people, who have just as much a chance of getting into heaven as anyone else. in fact, our curerent pope made a statement some months back that heaven is open to everyone regardless of religion, but that it is a sacrifice to live a good life. heaven is open to every human on this planet, christian or not. it depends on how you live,a and love.

if you have a catecism check out catechism 1260. but make sure you understand it and dont take it from context. if you dont understand what it says, let me know.


Jesus said, I am the way the truth anf the life. No one comes to the Father but by me. We are not saved by being “good people” we are saved by believing in and following Christ. No one who rejects Christ can be saved. He said so very explicitly himself. It seems many have taken the exception to the rule and made it the rule. In 2,000 years the church has never taught anyone can be saved apart from Christ. It is unfortunate our times need to catechism to be much more specific in that one little place it says it is possible (not probable) for a person (one who has not heard the faith) but truly seeks God to be saved in a mysterious manner. The Apostles and martyrs died to spread this message of salvation through Christ alone.


tell the pope that. the catechism says that all who die in gods friendship will be with him forever. you dont have to be christian to love god.


So you are a universalist? The Catholic Church has never been universalist.

And the Pope does not believe in universalism nor does he teach. Even if he did, it is not ex cathedra and his personal opinion would be wrong.

Jesus said He who believes in Him is not condemned he who does not believe is condemned already. Is Jesus lying?

I am sorry but you are doing no one any favors by giving them false hope. There is only one name under Heaven by which we are saved. No one who rejects Christ is God’s friend. In fact they are enemies of God.

So do you believe what Jesus said or not?


go ask apriest. ask the priest on this site if you will. jesus is a memer of the holy trinity, which is one. you cant believe in one without believing in the other. even if you dont know it.


for the record, the Catholic Church does not teach that non-Catholics invariably go to hell.so OP’s understanding is mistaken. if you really do want to know what the Church teaches about salvation you could start with the relevant articles on the CA homepage, then do a search on the topic on the AAA forum.


Again, you are making a possible exception the rule. If it is hard for a Christian to be saved. It is especially hard for one who does not have the truth. And it assumes every nice person out there is truly repentant of their sins. There are alot of big ifs and I would not want to leave my neighbor in the dark. Their eternal soul is at stake. We know of only one sure way to Heaven. We base our hope on him who died for our sins, not some abstract idea of the possibility of salvation without being in him. Otherwise baptism, faith and the rest of the sacraments would be completely useless. Believing a lie is a very dangerous thing (meaning false religions, especially ones that explicitly reject Christ).

We know how one is saved and we hope that God makes exceptions for that rare person who is invinsibly ignorant and genuinely seeking God. Small children and the severely mentally disabled are the only ones I know of that are likely to be consistenty invinsibly ignorant.

Missionaries exist for a reason. And, sorry to say, many priests don’t know what the church teaches nor do they care. We have a whole generation of them.


Well I’m getting two completely different msgs from two people

coleraine, has the answer i want to hear.

But Melchior has the answer i thought was told, the answer which has puzzled me because the amount of people that go to hell would be phenomenal. It would mean most of my friends (are non catholic mainly agnostic) my father, everyone on my fathers side has gone/ will go to hell.

I’m just happy the pope agrees with coleraine, I mean if you can’t listen to the pope about the difinative answer about catholicism who can you listen to…

I think there is a cathacisum online i will look at it tommorow, its 1am right now…

All that said Melchior has the biblical text to back himself/herself up, and i know those passages i’ve heard it a many a time.

So i guess if Melchior is right my only real option will be to go to hell as all my family and freinds will be there :D, i missed my parents way to much in a week, i could no way go through eternity without them. Plus always wanted to meet Ghandi and the previous Dahlelama’s (I think i spelt that wrong).


Oh wow this sort of topic is everywhere… I’m just reading through the other threads now… damn tired =.=


Oh well this is just great, turns out I am going to hell… =.= … And I’m still a decent person…


=.= the more and more i read this the more certain that if catholisisum is right, not only are my family going to hell, i am to. I guess all i can do is pray to god they are wrong
technically god can do anything so maybe he’l change the rules of the universe in heed of my prayer…
This is actually rather depressing…


I am sympathetic. My parents are both gone. One of the last things my mother said is " I am not afraid, I know who my savior is". It was the most comforting thing I have ever heard, it was ten years after my agnostic Jewish dad died. I hope in God’s mercy. I hope that all my prayers for him were answered and that at some point before he died he had the quiet opportunity to repent and believe. I don’t condemn him as I am not God and the thought is unbearable. But I do not have the blessed confidence that I do with my mother.

We all want to think the gate is wide that leads to life and destruction narrow. But there is only the narrow gate, Christ. The church for 2,000 years has not taught this very recent ambiguity. But I would love to believe that every person I love is going to Heaven. The reality is no one deserves Heaven and the is the real issue. We act as if God owes us something if we reject his grace. Everyone had a chance. Not everyone takes it. So I am left with believing Jesus very clear words as they apply to those who have had the opportunity to believe but don’t. The rest I entrust to God’s mercy.

The answers we want to hear and the truth are not always the same thing. In the meantime I will pray that you and everyone you love will be saved.


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