Who exactly was Brother J.R. at CAF


When i first came here a number of years ago, Brother JR was mentioned a number of times and people were wondering how he was doing? Lots of people were asking. I was curious who he was here at CAF.


Indeed I remember reading quite a few posts from him. He was in hospital last year around June/July but went back to his “house” probably convent.
Have not seen any recent posts from him.


His user name was JReducation. I don’t think he came over to the new CAF platform.


@JREducation was one of the posters here when I first joined who had a major hand in educating me about Catholic faith.


Ditto. Without knowing me, he taught me about myself. Although he would probably deny it, he is a Saint in our midst. The calm, patient demeanor he displayed as he kindly guided me back to center reveals what an amazing heart he has. Apparently, he is still semi-active within his community, he simply did not make the transition at CAF.


Wow, Guanophore. Thanks so much for sharing that!! He sounds like a living saint to me , a true son of St. Francis.

That little taste of Brother JR’s posting here was a very edifying and inspiring explanation of who Brother JR is. I can see why you old timers had such an interest in his welfare and wondered where he went to.


When I was a lurker I used to love reading his posts. He really knew how to elevate a discussion.

He still blogs some over at his community: https://franciscansoflife.com


He’s a cool guy. I talked with him a little bit through private messages. He helped me.


He was a wonderful voice of reason and fount of knowledge and wisdom here until his recent health downturn. He’s still active (in a manner of speaking) within his order, but no longer posting here.

For those of you too new to CAF to know, about 15 months ago, the forum changed platforms, and we’ve lost a number of faithful knowledgeable folks on this site, as well as a certain decorum and academic level of veracity for the claims made. (We’ve also kept/gained wonderful people, too.)


On the other hand, the moderators do well how at clamping down on the stuff that led me to leave in disgust so many times . . .


This is true of so many of us. I still have many of his posts in a file that I use for reference


If you go to the photo gallery page (link above). 10 rows down, two in from the left, you will see a picture of Bro Jay. He is the superior of the community


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