Who Founded Your Church and the Triumph of the Church



It is pretty sad actually but one day we all will be united again.
That being said we all need to focus on what unites us ! We must witness to them with love and by our actions.
God Bless one and all!


The only issue I have with this graphic is the claim that Jesus started the Roman Catholic Church.

The Eastern Catholic faithful are in full communion with the church and hold just as much right to be acknowledged as any Roman reference.

I didn’t see any mention or link to Eastern Catholic information. :cool:


Between 800-900 AD, towards the right side of the page.

Although I’m not sure that it is correct.



Between 8 and 9 hundred AD is says, “PHOTIUS - Eastern Orthodox”.

My understanding is that the EC and EO are different churches. One supports the papacy, one does not.


Yeah EC is one with RC, in fact RC is a misnomer.

The Catholic Church is made up of 23 Churches. The Latin Rite Church is the one often called the Roman Catholic. But only Catholics in Rome can be called this…

Byzantine Rite Catholics are of the same faith, but different traditions, then Latin Rite Catholics.


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