Who gave them authority?


Who gave the bishops in Spain authority to say OK to condoms for Catholics in Spain? Does the Vatican know about this move?



[quote=hlgomez]Who gave the bishops in Spain authority to say OK to condoms for Catholics in Spain? Does the Vatican know about this move?


Lord have mercy! Is the whole of Europe in crisis now? France, Austria, and others … now Spain?


[quote=hlgomez]Who gave the bishops in Spain authority to say OK to condoms for Catholics in Spain? Does the Vatican know about this move?


The bishops get their authority from Christ, according to Lumen Gentium:

  1. Bishops, as vicars and ambassadors of Christ, govern the particular churches entrusted to them by their counsel, exhortations, example, and even by their authority and sacred power, which indeed they use only for the edification of their flock in truth and holiness, remembering that he who is greater should become as the lesser and he who is the chief become as the servant. This power, which they personally exercise in Christ’s name, is proper, ordinary and immediate, although its exercise is ultimately regulated by the supreme authority of the Church, and can be circumscribed by certain limits, for the advantage of the Church or of the faithful. In virtue of this power, bishops have the sacred right and the duty before the Lord to make laws for their subjects, to pass judgment on them and to moderate everything pertaining to the ordering of worship and the apostolate.

The pastoral office or the habitual and daily care of their sheep is entrusted to them completely; nor are they to be regarded as vicars of the Roman Pontiffs, for they exercise an authority that is proper to them, and are quite correctly called “prelates,” heads of the people whom they govern. Their power, therefore, is not destroyed by the supreme and universal power, but on the contrary it is affirmed, strengthened and vindicated by it, since the Holy Spirit unfailingly preserves the form of government established by Christ the Lord in His Church.

So I think it is up to the “ultimate authority of the Church” to decide if the bishops are acting improperly.


This will be interesting to watch, and see what happens. Frankly, I’m still in shock over it.


It appears the Vatican may have already demanded that Father Juan Antonio Martínez Camino, the spokesman for the Spanish bishops, clarify his comments made late Tuesday, and which seemed to suggest that the Spanish Church would favor condoms to prevent the spread AIDS.

That said, according to Spanish press the Vatican has declined to make an official comment with respect to the statements made by Father Juan Antonio Martínez Camino. Europa Press (close to the Spanish Church) is reporting from Rome, that the Vatican has declined to comment, and officials have said they would need to study the issue more in depth, and noted that just last month Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragán had said that the way to combat AIDS was via abstinence.



They are causing another big scandal to the Church. But Satan cannot destroy the Catholic Church even if these bishops sell their teaching to the devil. God have mercy on these bishops! Please pray.



I am no expert, but I have read a number of articles in magazines like the Economist on how liberal the government of Spain has been getting over the last several years. They have also changed their position on gay rights and gay marriages almost 180 degrees since the new regime was elected after the terrorist/train disaster. Now I am not up to speed on all the positions of the Catholic Church is Spain and I comments are targeted toward the position of the ruling government not the Chruch, but it is an indication of a shift in the beliefs of their society away from traditional Catholic beliefs that have historically defined Spain IMHO…


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I think they are trying to give it to themselves in an act of rebellion against the Magisterium :nope: (shaking my head in disbelief). I pray for them too, and those who take this as “official church teaching”.


[quote=hlgomez]They are causing another big scandal to the Church.

I would hardly classify this as a scandla. At least it is in the name of promoting health.

Unlike the pedophilic priests abusing children for generations, while the US Church hierarchy did virtually nothing to protect us until they got sued. That did not help any one in any way.* That* was a scandal.


[quote=hlgomez]Who gave the bishops in Spain authority to say OK to condoms for Catholics in Spain? Does the Vatican know about this move?


They have not done so. As usual, the press took a statement out of context and misquoted it to boot. The Vatican and the Spanish Bishops’ Conference quickly issued statements to clarify this. Never ever trust secular media reports of anything regarding the church. They delight in misquoting people in order to spread confusion and dissent.

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