Who gives money to Bernie Sanders?


LA Times:
Who gives money to Bernie Sanders?

Small-dollar contributions have been the fuel that has propelled Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid, making it one of the most successful insurgent campaigns in Democratic party history, but little has been known about those donors because campaigns don’t have to publicize the names of people who give $200 or less.Now, a Times analysis of nearly 7 million individual contributions has provided unprecedented detail about the army of people behind the $27 donations Sanders mentions at virtually every campaign stop.

Many resemble Emily Condit, 40 of Sylmar, who has contributed three times — $5 each — to the Vermont senator’s campaign.
Condit, who has several physical disabilities, is among the largest single group of Sanders’ donors — those who don’t have a job. Of the $209 million given to the Vermont senator’s campaign, about one out of every four dollars came from those not in the workforce, who include the unemployed or retired.


It’s telling that they see him as more likely to protect their interests than the “establishment” candidate, Mrs. Hillary Clinton. When one of your key constituencies is turning on you, you’re doing something wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:


Personally, I think we should stop pretending there are only two political parties, and get rid of that “wasted vote” or “voting against” rubbish.


Currently, there are only two viable political parties. Meaning, only two parties that have a chance a winning.

HOWEVER, I do strongly believe the time has come for a Catholic or Christian party. Other nations have one, and I think we need one now.

However, for this election the “wasted vote” and “voting against” “rubbish” is still very much in play. Unless a third party candidate can actually win, a vote for them typically helps the party with opposite political views.

For example, if Bernie decides to run as a third party candidate, it would help Trump by taking votes away from Clinton.

And if someone like Mitt Romney ran as a third party candidate, it would help the Democratic candidate.

This is because the US does not require a candidate to receive more than 50% of the votes in order to receive the electoral college votes.

The only way to create a viable Christian Party or other viable third party is for a number of Representatives and Senators at both the State & Federal level to join.

In today’s climate, I think a major Christian or Libertarian Party could be formed someone were to organize it (especially now). However, I would much rather see a Christian Party as Libertarians make me nervous.


This is actually a very good idea; I’ve seen a similar notion floated on a traditional Catholic blog. The overheads and lag time initially would be considerable, but who knows what might be achieved?

However, for me, the key problem would be “what version of Christianity will form or influence the platform”? If it’s a simple “common minimum programme”, that’s a recipe for liberalism and disaster. If it’s something like Theonomy, God help us. Only authentic Catholic teaching and doctrine could form a viable ground for such a party. Antonio Salazar, where art thou? :wink:


I would agree with this. This is the first election in my life that I don’t feel I can in good conscience vote for either or the presumptive nominees. I find them to both be vile. One is somewhat worse than the other, in my view, which becomes the only reason I might vote for the other. But they’re both vile.


Do you mean a major Libertarian Party like the Libertarian Party that already exists?


Thank you. I forgot that they exist. Yes, it would be possible to grow that party instead of creating a new one.


It would have to be based on Catholic Social Teaching and that’s why I strongly believe it would only be successful if founded by a bunch of practicing Catholic politicians.

Nothing else would really work.


The Libertarian party does not represent Christian values. They have a live-and-let-live philosophy, but that also applies to things like gay marriage, abortion, etc.


I know. That’s why I said “libertarians make me nervous”

For me, the only viable third party would be a Christian Party that is aligned with Catholic Social Teaching.


I assume a lot of people in Hollywood are giving money to Bernie. Hollywood has been a bastion of socialist politics. Many people in Hollywood were blacklisted during the Red Scare because of their socialist sympathies. We need a new Joe McCarthy to break up Hollywood socialism and stop them from indoctrinating the masses.


The infection of Hollywood (and the world) goes way beyond socialism right now, I’m afraid.

And all McCarthy achieved, in the long run, was to strengthen the left-wing position and create heroes for the liberals. Purely political solutions to spiritual crises are not a Catholic idea. St. John Paul II didn’t defeat Communism by scaremongering. :frowning:


What is the best way to defeat Bernie Sanders and the socialist movement?


Recognizing that it’s not just “socialism”, but “liberalism”. In all likelihood, Sanders will not be the Democratic candidate, but Mrs. Clinton would be worse.

The following is a good place to start:

Liberalism Is A Sin

“For we wrestle not with flesh and blood…”


Clinton would not nearly as bad as Sanders. Our Lady of Fatima explicitly condemned the atheistic and materialistic ideology of communism. Communism is just a more extreme version of socialism with the same tenets. Capitalistic liberalism was not condemned. Hillary is a liberal capitalist.


While what you say about socialism is true… However, Hillary would be worse than Bernie because Hillary is evil (or at least is a strong supporter of evil). Bernie is more misguided than corrupt/evil. Hillary is corrupt in every way imaginable.


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