Who has a bowling alley in their home?


This would be the greatest convenience.


Strange topic


The Vanderbilt’s.



I don’t think you could even fit a bowling lane in my apartment.


The US President: www.whitehousemuseum.org/floor0/bowling-alley.htm


I do!

It’s next to the home gym, across from the tennis courts and stables.

And the aquarium for my pet sea lion.

(I’m kidding, the local bowling alley is in the next town, about 5 miles away)


You could in mine, if you took out some non-essentials like the toilet.


I could not fit a bowling PIN in my place!


We would rather have an ice rink, and we know several families in our city who DO have an ice rink in their back yard, and host open house/skating parties/hockey games all winter long (when it’s cold enough to keep the ice frozen).

I envy those folks!


Still wouldn’t help for me. Even with everything, including interior walls, removed, my apartment’s dimensions still can’t support a lane.

How large is your place? I think mine is in the 230-270 sq ft. range. It’s actually one of the larger studios at the complex.


Well, I usually graze in the more serious topic (perhaps they’re ALL more serious than this one).

Well, this IS the CASUAL section and bowling IS a casual activity. OK, so I’ll be serious now. Do you suppose the TEN pins have any connection to the TEN commandments?


I have never considered this! :frowning: The objective being to knock them over is most certainly perpetuating an evil agenda! :scream:

Illuminate Confirmed.


Well, now, we can’t have this secret spreading…


yikes I’m seriously allergic


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