Who has a higher regard for the sanctity of marriage?


The Unification Church regards marriage as an extremely important sacrament, as getting the blessing allows one to free themselves from sin. They also believe that Reverand Moon fulfilled the role that Jesus failed to accomplish: become the True Parents. So could anyone contrast with the teachings of the Catholic Church.


Right there I can stop reading, Rev. Moon can’t fulfill anything Jesus failed to, because Jesus is God and failed at nothing. He was the perfect sacrifice…

Mormons regard marriage very highly too as the Celestial Kingdom is only open to those whom are married. It used to be only open t those within polygamous marraiges (Joseph Smith regarded this as the “new and everlasting covenant”)… A woman can only get into the CK if her husband calls her from the grave. However it’s clear from the Bible that marriage is for this world, at death, man or woman are free to marry another.

The Catholic Church regards marriage as a sacrament, a vocation, and a Holy institution meant for this life only, which is what the Bible teaches. Any more expounding on marriage as a requirement for Heaven or anything else is heresy as Paul was celibate as was our Lord Jesus Christ.

Freeing oneself from sin occurs at the Sacrament of Baptism, and again at Confession. Jesus sacrifice is the only way one frees themself from sin.


The only thing I know about Rev. Moon is that he is a cult leader who married a whole stadium full of people at once, so how much regard could he have for the sanctity of marriage?


I don’t mean this in an sort of snippy way, but why is this a concern for you?


I am just curious as an agnostic. I want to know how Christianity differs from Unificationism. I find it weird about the way Unificationists say they value marriage.


Thankfully, I can’t speak for the Unification Church :), but you might find this article helpful in understanding the Catholic perspective on marriage:



:frowning: I really wanted to learn more about the Unification Church’s understanding of marriage. I do not want to know about the minutae regarding the Catholic understanding although I do have a superficial understanding of the Church’s teaching on marriage.


I don’t mean to be rude but, since this is a Catholic site why would you expect the people here to know about the Unification Church’s understanding of marriage? Don’t they have a web site?


I found this tparents.org/library/unification/talks/wells/MARRGE3.htm

Well, regarding the question about Moon marrying a stadium:

Note that both Reverend and Mrs. Moon preside over the wine ceremony and the marriage ceremony, because they represent the True Parents. Children can be born only through a father and a mother, and sinless children can be born only through a True Father and True Mother. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have been the True Parents; if Jesus had married instead of being crucified, he and his bride would have been the True Parents; now, according to Unification theology, Reverend and Mrs. Moon fulfill that role.

Well, it is extremely difficult for Reverend Moon to preside over every marriage. If it is done with a normal priest, then according to Unification theology, they would not have been freed from sin as the priest is not the “True Mother” and “True Father.”

Reading Wells talks about marriage is interesting though although I would never believe in that nonsense.


Unless there are people on the forum from the Unification Church, I doubt too many people will have a good understanding of what the Unification Church teaches about marriage. I know I don’t, since I don’t know anything else about that church.


I mostly wanted interesting comparisons between the Unificationists view on marriage and the Catholic view. We should remember the Unifications regard marriage as the way to obtain salvation from sin. That is why it is of primary importance to them, and they regard it extremely important, much more important than Jesus’ death on the cross. So they are concerned with family values too.

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