Who has gone to the salon or barber shop recently?

I cut our younger son’s hair last week with clippers, older son went to the barbershop this week. Hubby’s hair is just growing out from shaving his head and I NEED a haircut but I’ll wait.


Thank you irishmom2

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Haven’t been in maybe 18months to 2yrs. First lady who did a great job, left. Next lady also left. Then the business closed as the owner retired. Haven’t found anyone else that I think would do a good job with my hair type. So may just let it to continue growing … :woman_shrugging:


Last week. I shaved my beard off completely (thank God) and cut my hair short. I really hate long hair and beard…it’s not my look and I don’t wear either well.


I haven’t been to the salon since January. I am in desperate need of a haircut.

My friend lives in a state and the salons are open, but they won’t shampoo your hair. They wet it and cut it and out the door you go.

I shave my head, fortunately. :man_bald:

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Went about a month ago. Had to get a memo from my boss saying that I needed a haircut. Very strange.

I’ve been getting the “boot camp” cut from the wife during the shutdown. I like it. Saves money too.

I’m spoiled in that my youngest daughter is a hair stylist. She just came over a few weeks ago and cut and colored my hair and cut her dads as well. It had been a few months and like everyone else I needed a cut!:flushed:

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Oh, you are lucky Jeanne!! I wish I had a hairstylist in my family.

Last hair cut I got was last July so about 10 months ago. It’s a bit of a flow hair cut so at this point it just needs to be maintained not really cut.

My wife read an interesting news article. I do not know if it was local, though. A salon reopened. People began going. The proprietor and head hair person (don’t know what to call them) was asymptomatic for COVID-19. Well, she in fact did have it. They tracked the 91 people who went to the salon. Something like 54 people tested positive for COVID-19. This does is correlation and not causation. Still, it should make you cautious about going anywhere too soon.

Been awhile since I went…does it show?


I finally rejoined civilization and got my hair cut last Thursday. If all things had been normal I would have got it cut just before Easter since I was hoping to serve the Holy Week liturgies. My barber shop closed the Saturday before Palm Sunday, so I had a chance to go, but I decided to be all St. John the Baptist and let my hair grow wild in the desert. Boy did I look stupid.

I ended paying my barber for two haircuts since I got two haircuts worth. Plus, he had his two little kids in the shop with him that day and I thought it would be good way to spread around a bit of my stimulus check. I’m sure the last two months have been hard for him.


I haven’t gone yet but plan to before the end of the month. My hairdresser will be surprised, as in February I decided to stop coloring my hair and now have four months’ worth of roots :grinning: :woman_white_haired:

The Husband went as soon as he could once we started coming out of lockdown. He called for an appointment the day after barber shops and hair salons were allowed to reopen (his barber was closed on the first day) and found that the first available appointment was more than two weeks later. Normally he can get an appointment within 48 hours! He was so relieved to have liberated himself of all the excess growth :sweat_smile:


I’ve been in the process of growing my hair out to a mid length style. I had an appointment scheduled in early Apriland all the shops closed two days before my appointment. I was dealing as best I could with my mopey looking hair when my stylist called and told me they were reopening last week. There were many rules in place and I was more than happy to obey everyone of them!

My hair is now reshaped and should easily last eight weeks until my next appointment…longer if I have to (we go back into isolation). I felt very safe…the stylist wore gloves and a mask, tools were individually disinfected, I wore my mask the entire time…she had a cute trick for cutting around the ear area…I was able to get a shampoo, cut and style!

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Friends don’t let friends get haircuts.

Catching up with you

I was lucky to have had my regular haircut about a week before the salons were shut down. I was also thankful that I had already let my hair go gray, so no need for coloring. I was beginning to contemplate whether it would be better to give myself “COVID-hair” bangs or just live with them grown out too long to keep out of my eyes but too short to get out of the way, but then the state let the salons open.

We set up haircuts with our regular stylist during the first week she was open. They have no magazines, no waiting inside the salon; you text your stylist when it is your turn. All the stylists were wearing masks, and when I was there all the clients had masks that were held on low on the neck. I don’t think anybody passed around any bugs in there.

I know quite a few men who have proven to their own satisfaction that facial hair is not a good look on them no matter how long they let it grow, which I suppose is something learned from all of this.

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I got my chopped short last week. It was different for sure. Had to wait in my car and when she could take her daughter motioned me to the table outside. She sanitized my hands, took my temp., I had to sign in and write my temp down, and wear my mask. She told me the first week she opened back was the craziest she’s ever had. She hopes this doesn’t happen again because she doesn’t know if she can handle a comeback like she had to do.

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