Who has gone to the salon or barber shop recently?

I cut our younger son’s hair last week with clippers, older son went to the barbershop this week. Hubby’s hair is just growing out from shaving his head and I NEED a haircut but I’ll wait.

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Thank you irishmom2

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Haven’t been in maybe 18months to 2yrs. First lady who did a great job, left. Next lady also left. Then the business closed as the owner retired. Haven’t found anyone else that I think would do a good job with my hair type. So may just let it to continue growing … :woman_shrugging:


Last week. I shaved my beard off completely (thank God) and cut my hair short. I really hate long hair and beard…it’s not my look and I don’t wear either well.


I haven’t been to the salon since January. I am in desperate need of a haircut.

My friend lives in a state and the salons are open, but they won’t shampoo your hair. They wet it and cut it and out the door you go.

I shave my head, fortunately. :man_bald:

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Went about a month ago. Had to get a memo from my boss saying that I needed a haircut. Very strange.

I’ve been getting the “boot camp” cut from the wife during the shutdown. I like it. Saves money too.

I’m spoiled in that my youngest daughter is a hair stylist. She just came over a few weeks ago and cut and colored my hair and cut her dads as well. It had been a few months and like everyone else I needed a cut!:flushed:

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Oh, you are lucky Jeanne!! I wish I had a hairstylist in my family.

Last hair cut I got was last July so about 10 months ago. It’s a bit of a flow hair cut so at this point it just needs to be maintained not really cut.

My wife read an interesting news article. I do not know if it was local, though. A salon reopened. People began going. The proprietor and head hair person (don’t know what to call them) was asymptomatic for COVID-19. Well, she in fact did have it. They tracked the 91 people who went to the salon. Something like 54 people tested positive for COVID-19. This does is correlation and not causation. Still, it should make you cautious about going anywhere too soon.

Been awhile since I went…does it show?

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