Who has read . . .

Catholicism and Fundamentalism by Karl Keating? If you have, great!! :slight_smile: If you’re still in the process, that’s still great!! :smiley: If not, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? :wink: Please get it and read it over!!! :thumbsup:

Yes, great book! It was my first apologetics book. And I haven’t stopped buying them since!

It too was my first Catholic book very many years ago when I was thinking of converting. I’ll have to go back and re-read through it…

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At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it also was one of the first books I read at the beginning of my re-version. I’ve read it a couple of times since. It’s absolutely wonderful! Karl Keating is a hoot!

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Well, I’ll add my two cents here. It was one of my first apologetic books also. After reading it, I’m still at a loss as to how anyone can offer a convincing rebuttal. Karl does an excellent job of refuting scurrilous theories regarding the one true faith, while simultaneously explicating her doctrines. I still reread the book from time to time, expecially the chapter on the Eucharist. I thank Karl because it’s through his radio apostolate, “Catholic Answers” and his books, including Catholicism and Fundamentalism that enabled me to return to the faith with newfound insight and love.

Great Book! It was one of the first apologetic books that I read also. Now that you brought it up I think I will get it out and re-read it. I am glad to see that it brought so many back to the faith.

Never heard of it before. Sounds like a good read. I’ll try reading it sometime. :slight_smile:

I too would have to list it among the first books I read after re-version. After a CEW, and a thirst for Jesus, I was reading the Bible, some popular Christian books (some of them very good, like Josh McDowell’s More Than a Carpenter,) attending Bible Studies, Promise Keepers, etc.

It wasn’t too long before I started getting questions (and some minor attacks) from Fundamentalists. While I was surprised at how well I was able to reason through proper application of Church teaching from my years of Catholic schools, this book helped polish that and prepare me for what other arguments / accusations people would make against the Catholic Church. A mentor suggested it, and I thank the Lord for that!

I also have spent a little time studying “reverse apologetics.” In serious discussions, it always blows 'em away when you can recite their cases better than they can. I hope it’s not a sin that I enjoy that so much.

The Best Book I ever read about our faith! Protestants and quasi-christians don’t come to my door anymore!

Yes, it is a great book. I just finished reading it, and loaned it to a co-worker who is trying to defend the faith to his non-Catholic wife. Another good book of Karl’s is What Catholics Believe: Setting the Record Straight. It clears up alot of misconceptions that people have about the Catholic faith.

my question is this, arising from debates with evangelicals and fundamentalists, why having gone to so much trouble to “purify” the church down to the fundamentals, have they allowed accretions and changes to the original six fundamentals?

I read it and loved it. It gave me a valuable resource for answering so many questions my Bible-Chrsitian relatives throw out there. I highly recommend it.

It was one of my first apologetics books, too. I read it back in '93 or so ('94?), and it was largely responsible for several things–a love and (frustrating hatred) of apologetics, a pilgrimage, a year at Franciscan University, and perhaps the discovery of a calling.

However, in one way it’s not that helpful of a book. At least the first few chapters, anyway. In my experience, I have dealt with RELATIVELY “level” anti-Catholics. Most don’t think the Church is the Whore of Babylon, and they’ll only go off the deep end when pressed. Karl’s book seems to be written for the real loons, though most of it was always helpful. I’d have to say the sequal is about the same.

Now, please don’t ban me, Karl. It’s just one random, anonymous Internet guy’s opinion! :smiley:

Great Read! :thumbsup:

I’ve read it 3 times now. Most readable apologetics I’ve read so far! GREAT! ***:thumbsup: ***

I feel like I could cut and paste my answer. It was the first Apologetics book I read. Great:thumbsup:

I’m in the process of reading it, but for some reason it is really slow going right now. I’m thinking of converting but still not able to make the leap just yet and not quite sure what is holding me back. So far I’m in agreement with everything I’ve read and am not questioning the Catholic faith, practices or the fact that it is the true church.
Perhaps the book will enlighten me enough to actually jump in.

Space Ghost,
Just want to say that your signature is quite enlightening. Discouragement is a sign of pride because it reveals that you believe in your own powers. I’m definitely taking those words of wisdom and pondering them in my heart :blessyou:

Have read it. It is good to defend the Catholic faith against loony fundamentalists who are vehemently anti-Catholic. However, if you want to defend the Catholic faith against mainline evangelicals, this book alone won’t do it for you. For that you need a lot more.

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