Who hasn't seen this yet?


Bill OReily played it on The Factor tonight. He had nothing but high praise for it.

I didn’t understand whether it was or was not going to be played during the Super Bowl. Anybody know?

I wonder if bo has seen it yet? Magnificent video. Right to the heart.

The Super Bowl video was the vegen. one.

OK thanks. That PETA one is sick.

I clicked on it and after a moment there was an internet abnormality, a pleriferation of pages opening.

Must be a glitch. The original link worked fine for me. But I went directly to the site and relinked it. Try this


Thank you! :thumbsup:

God bless


What I was referring to was that O’Reilly showed a video that was so perverted, it was rejected by the Super Bowl. That is the one that I commented was sick. It was sponsored by PETA.

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