Who here likes video games? Anyone?


My taste in video games is pretty wide. I dig straightforward FPS games like Wolfenstein, Halo, Doom, Call of Duty, but I also love point and click adventure games (Monkey Island, Gemini Rue), survival horror (Silent Hill, Resident Evil), and just general action adventure games like the Batman: Arkham series.

My favorite video game of all time is Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb.


I know but sometimes, depending on the game, God mode can actually be fun. Skyrim is not one of those games.


Dead Space is phenomenal and everything I would want out of a horror game. Scares that are genuine, creature design that is truly disturbing, and above all one of the best creeping atmospheres I’ve seen in a video game since Silent Hill 2.


I found all three pieces of the climbing gear, which is funny because I’ve still only found less than 30 of the shrines. I think two of them were in the Dueling peaks vicinity and the third was on some cliff on the south east coast. It’s hard for me to keep straight what came from where. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll have to try climbing in the rain to see if that’s possible. You definitely climb a whole lot faster!

Right now, I’m sidetracked on Eventide Island. :stuck_out_tongue:


My Xbox 360 wireless controller decided to derp out and not turn on when i click the connect button on it.


I’m posting here to basically see how it works posting in a “pre-transition” thread. :grimacing: Still playing through Breath of the Wild. Will be doing so for a long time. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I finally found a place with a recovered memory. I like that you can go back and replay those if you want to.

Testing out the spoiler option. :hugs:


Yeah I’m not really a fan of this new design. Having the dark theme enabled makes it a lot easier on my eyes though. :sunglasses:

Have you started any of the story arcs yet? I was just exploring for a while and then I accidentally stumbled into the Zora arc and then just went almost all the way through with the story after that. Zora’s Domain was actually really well done (they all were but Zora’s Domain was particularly nice). I don’t think I found any of those lost memories until after beating the game. I will confess I had to cheat and look about 4 or so of them up. Seriously that one where it’s just a bunch of trees everywhere would have been impossible to find except by accident :expressionless: I still couldn’t even find it after looking up which patch of trees, out of 100+ such patches, it was in. At least with the ones with the castle or the Dueling Peaks in the background you could try to calibrate a line and distance where the memory was likely to be.

I know you’re going to be kept busy with this for a while but I remembered another Zelda clone you may be interested in called “Oceanhorn.” It’s basically an indie PC game that’s essentially a short clone of Windwaker (and it’s kid-friendly). I remembered because supposedly the studio that made it is working on a second game. People were saying it’s a ripoff of BotW, as if that’s a bad thing lol :grin:


Yes, I went through the Zora story, but that’s the only one so far. I ended up there pretty quickly, but I’ve been easily distracted since then. I went up near Death Mountain, but ran out of the elixir that prevents me from catching fire. I was just going to warp out, cook some more, and go right back. But I’m easily distracted. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Most recently I decided to just get to all the towers. I’ve activated all but one and actually just found a second fairy fountain. I have found two of the memory locations so far. Usually I try to find everything before going up against Ganon, but this game plays so differently that I’ll have to see how it goes.

Thanks for the tip about the Windwaker-esque game. I did like Windwaker a lot. So did my daughter. I’m fortunate that she likes to watch me play Zelda. :grimacing: It’s a bonding experience. :smile:


Nice, you got all three of the climbing gears! Where was the last one? I looked all over and never found it for some reason.

Oh man, Eventide Island. That was a fun one. I was unlucky though, in that right after I had finally cleared the island of all the monsters, a stupid blood moon rose and brought them all back. I don’t think anyone has dreaded that foreboding music more than I did at that moment lol.

P.S. You probably already guessed, but I’m the same Robyn p that posted here on the old forum. My old account didn’t transfer over sadly, so I had to make this one.


Did you know that old painter guy who is at Kakariko village and also usually hangs out at the stables will actually tell you right where the memories are? That was the only reason I could find that tree one. I spent hours looking for it, then finally decided to talk to that guy and he was just like “oh yeah I know that tree, thats in such and such forest.” Made it a million times easier to find.


One was on Dueling Peaks. Another was on a little island in the Hateno Bay region. The last was on the east side of Mount Lanyru. That one was a pain to find and get to, but was part of a side quest initiated by someone in Hateno village. It was so hard to find that there was no test inside the shrine. They just gave you the chest. :smile:

That stinks! That happened to me the first time I went to the island, but luckily I had only just landed and cleared away one small group of enemies. So not nearly as bad as it was for you. After I died, I waited for the blood moon to pass before going back. After I finally beat the island, my wife had gone and looked online and said, Oh there is a trick where you can drop any items you want to keep the second you land on the island before the voice takes everything and then you can just pick it right back up. A little late to benefit from that. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh nice, then you have the super useful special powerup then. I used that way more often than I should have :roll_eyes:. I only found one of the Great Fairies. I was actually a little nervous because I thought that thing was going to turn out to be one of those Deku Baba bosses, so I approached it apprehensively and tried gently disturbing it to see if it would wake up lol (assuming they are all the same, I don’t actually know).

Is there anything else that’s good on the Switch? I don’t know if I’ll end up getting one, probably not now since they are scarce and overpriced. I was reading about how Nintendo is about to release another one of those classic consoles, this time for the SNES. People were speculating about how they might do the same for the N64 next year. That would seriously be awesome, I really miss the N64 a lot. We still have our old N64 but none of the games.

A couple of years ago GameStop started selling retro games/consoles, so I managed to get a copy of Pokemon Stadium II, thinking I could replay it since we still had that adapter thing that fit in the back of the controller that you could put a GameBoy Pokemon cartridge in and play GB Pokemon through Stadium (I was not allowed to have handhelds at that age, but somehow managed to convince my mother that this was different back then). The Pokemon Silver cartridge was still in it :stuck_out_tongue:. Well the thing is so old it will only read the N64 cartridge if you push it down forcefully and then push the top of the cartridge back a bit so it is slightly tilted I guess, otherwise the connections aren’t made. Actually my first problem was that the memory expansion slot was empty. Apparently you have to have some dummy cartridge in there even if there is no expansion cartridge, so I had to order one of those from Amazon. And then the Pokemon Silver game was corrupted and couldn’t be read :confused: The battery unsurprisingly was dead, so I had to pry that cartridge open, pry the old battery out and replace it with a new one to get it to work. This was very much a chewing-gum-and-Scotch-tape affair lol. It will be nice not to have to do that anymore.


Interesting, no I didn’t know that. I think I may have talked to that man though at some point. Yeah that would help a lot. I would just look at the picture and say “well if the castle is facing that direction then the camera must be somewhere in this area” and then go there and try to get the camera angle and distance just right. And even then it was hard to find that glowing aura. There was one with the castle in it and you were in the mountains looking down at it with a body of water just past the edge of the cliff the photographer was standing on. I had the exact image on the main screen and yet I could not find that aura. I kept opening the camera and looking at the image and thinking that this is the exact thing I am seeing but no aura :neutral_face:


Yeah that was a glitch I noticed a couple times too. One time I swear I was standing in the right spot, no aura. Left and came back to the exact same spot a few minutes later, and there it was finally. Made me feel like I was going crazy haha.

But that’s really the only glitch I ever encountered in the game, so can’t really complain.

Did you ever do the combat trial from the DLC? I still haven’t beaten it. I got up to about level 15 but took a break from playing video games for a while. Kind of tempted to try it again.


Funny. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So far, I just have Zelda and Splatoon 2. I really enjoy Splatoon. I spent far more time playing the original Splatoon than any other game on the Wii U. Up until I got the Switch, I was still playing it regularly. There’s just something about rolling over people with an over-sized colorful roller. :smile: Super Mario Odyssey is just a month and a half away. I’m excited about that one.

Yeah, I’ve heard that, too. I get excited about the news, but then I think of how I still have my N64 and all my old games and I still never play them. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Mario Kart 64 and Goldeneye pretty much defined half my college years. :grimacing:

That’s a lot to go through to play a game. :smile: It makes me wonder how the batteries are doing in my old cartridges. :thinking:


No I haven’t done it yet, but I may get to it this weekend. I have this self-imposed rule that I am not allowed to play a video game unless I spend an equivalent amount of time reading a spiritual or theological book, and I haven’t been doing that as often recently. Obviously I did a lot of reading back in March when this game came out :grin:. It’s probably why I didn’t do as much exploring because I was easily “going into debt” with this rule applied to this game. I have a tendency to “buy time” during the week and then spend it all on the weekend, so maybe I’ll finish Okami finally this weekend and then I’ll at least try the combat trial, assuming I can still play the game with any degree of skill haha.

I may end up using the PS3 again soon. Lately I have been into playing older games that I used to play when I was younger. So I picked up a Ratchet & Clank HD remake for PS3 recently. I never had a Playstation when I was younger, so it’s not for nostalgia, but it seemed like the kind of thing that I would have liked back then, so we’ll see how it goes. And it will produce more beneficial spiritual study lol (I love how I seem to have found a way to turn a video game purchase into an indirect spiritual investment). A couple of years ago I played a Spyro series and enjoyed it well enough despite never having played any Spyro in my youth. Sony seems to do a better job of capitalizing on their older IP than Nintendo does for whatever reason.


Yeah it will be interesting to see the catalog of games they have if they do a classic N64 remake. I always look for N64 titles on the Virtual Console but they almost never add any new ones. I did like Mario Kart 64 a lot as well but never played Goldeneye. Back when I was trying to rehabilitate the N64, my previous landlord had to come over so that I could resign my lease and noticed the N64 and wanted to talk about Goldeneye haha.

Speaking of Mario Kart (which I know you like a lot from your previous posts :slightly_smiling_face:), I suppose I have another good recommendation for you :grin:. OCRemix just published a 15-minute Mario Kart medley: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03600. If you haven’t ever discovered OCRemix it’s one of the Internet’s best-kept secrets.


Yeah, I get that it likely wouldn’t be a good business strategy to just simultaneously dump all of their old games on Virtual Console, but they do seem a little too sparse with their releases. I think they just have a different business philosophy than most of us in the U.S. are used to. Like with Splatoon, they rotate with courses and modes you can play so you can only play them at certain times. For us Americans, we want to be able to play whatever we want whenever we want. :grin:

Goldeneye made my brother and I really popular at our dorm that year. Sometimes the game would be going for literally 12 hours straight with people coming and going and only the winner keeping their controller while the other 3 passed. I found myself deliberately holding back so as not to get the other guys too upset. But then when I wanted to clear the room so I could study, I would kick it up a notch and they’d all leave in frustration. :rofl: Good times.

Cool! I’ve never seen that site before. Mega Man metal. Where have you been all my life? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The music for Mega Man 3’s second Dr. Wily stage has always been one of my favorites. :+1: They have an orchestral version, a techno version and a metal version!


Nice! I was not the popular guy in college, despite going to college at an institution where video gaming was treated like a professional sport by most of the student body. They did release Bomberman 64 on Virtual Console earlier this year. I noticed it on the Wii U main menu while getting ready to play BotW. I loved that game when I was 7 years old.

OCRemix is seriously one of the best places on the Internet. I think I found it by accident 5 years ago and now I periodically check it to see if anything new looks good. They even have a 20.5 minute Link to the Past medley. I especially like seeing how these artists interpret older VGM whose original source was lower quality due to being on ancient console hardware.


That’s a great rule to have! I wish I had that much discipline. The Switch keeps a log of how many hours you spend on each game, and I apparently spent around 150 hours on Breath of the Wild :flushed:. I could have read a boat load of theology books with all that time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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