Who here likes video games? Anyone?


I can’t wait for that one either! I love anything Mario related.

I do. I’m absolutely dismal at it, but it’s still pretty fun. I’m usually the one hiding in a corner until my teammates need reviving. :upside_down_face:


@Joe_5859 I’m releasing one of my fairies to keep this thread alive. I think we need more updates from you! :grin: What kinds of trouble has Link gotten into recently?


Been playing a lot of Forza 4

Drove the Dodge Viper ACR around the Nordschlaffe in 8 minutes The real world record is 7:13


I have gotten side tracked from my time in Hyrule. :smile: All our parish Bible studies and RCIA are in full swing, so my evenings have been pretty full. My daughter doesn’t like me playing anything interesting when she’s not there. So I’ve been playing more Splatoon 2 in my free moments, since it is a lot easier to pick up and play for short bursts. I’m anxious to get back to it, though!


Nice, I guess that’s the more important thing to be doing! What is Splatoon like? I have never looked into it, and all I know is that it involves paint rollers? Yes I know I can just Google it but it’s more fun to discuss it with real people. And we need to keep this thread going until December so we can discuss the second DLC pack :sunglasses:


I like Minecraft! Haven’t played it in a while but when I was my world was epic :smiley:


I have a DS that is collecting dust. Right now the only game I am playing (when I remember to) is Pokemon Go.


It’s basically Nintendo’s all ages, kid appropriate answer to the shooter genre. There are several different modes. The main mode is just two teams of four facing off and trying to ink more turf than the other team in 3 minutes, with a wide variety of weapons from sniper guns to giant paint rollers and paint brushes. Think super spoakers filled with paint. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: You can “splat” the other team, which sends them to their spawn point, but killing the other team is not the primary objective. I’ve gotten 20 splats in a match and still lost. :pensive:

They have some other ranked modes with different objectives (e.g. controlling the central tower, controlling a central zone in your teams color, or capturing the special “rainmaker” weapon and bringing it to the enemy base.

There is a single player campaign, which is fun, but not too long. The multiplayer is the main attraction.

The second Splatoon added a “Salmon run” mode which is a cooperative mode with three others where you are fighting a horde of salmon like creatures and collecting golden eggs while trying to survive.

I’ve never been a big fan of shooters. The only one I ever got into was Goldeneye, but that was 20 years ago. But I really enjoy Splatoon. I was still playing the first one regularly until the second one came out and I picked up the Switch.


Nice, is that a picture of your world? If so how long did it take to create that? I’ve never played Minecraft before.


I haven’t played my 3DS is a while either but I kind of like using it whenever I find a game that is interesting. I wasn’t sure if I would like a handheld but I kind of actually like being able to take it anywhere in the house. I used to play Pokemon Diamond on it a lot to help calm myself down at the end of graduate school.


That does sound like a fun party game, can you play online with other people or do you just play offline with your daughter? I never really got into any online multiplayer stuff but that seems to be the direction in which everything is going these days. Your description of it kind of reminds me of one of those minigames from Mario Party. I haven’t really played any party-type games recently myself but I did enjoy playing Smash Bros. a lot when I was younger. For some reason not so much anymore.

A month or so ago I picked up a PS3 collection for Ratchet and Clank, which I guess is something of a flagship title for Sony. I wish Nintendo would do things like make these HD remasters of old games because they have quite the vintage library of games. Anyway, speaking of shooters, it is a 3rd person shooter platformer that is pretty solid. It reminds me of those on-foot missions in Starfox Assault which I thoroughly enjoyed. The only annoying thing about it is that the developers are quite obviously trying to push this environmental agenda, which I suppose is mostly fine but can be a tad off-putting at times. Still rather fun to play though. I even have this gadget that is a 2-in-1 hookshot/grappling hook, so a nice tip-of-the-hat to Zelda lol. :grin:


The only downside to Splatoon is the multiplayer is only online. You cannot play with more than one person on a single console. Though you can join friends, so my brother and I will play together at times. It doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would before I got the game.

I’m not familiar with Ratchet & Clank as the only Sony console I have is the PS2 I inherited from my wife, and it was pretty much a Dance Dance Revolution delivery device. :smile: Sounds cool, though. I would like to see Nintendo do similar things. Although some would accuse them of making a cash grab, i would still like to see it. They seem to have tested the waters with the two Zelda remakes for the Wii U. It seems like they’ve done a lot of N64 remakes on the handheld consoles. Maybe they will start doing that on the Switch. Sometimes I imagine that’s why they hold off on the Virtual Console.


That’s cool, it’s nice that you can play with your brother! It’s kind of odd they didn’t put a local multiplayer option in that game, it seems like it would be perfectly suited for it. My brother and I used to play Smash Bros. and Bomberman all the time back when you’d have to huddle around the Magnavox TV with all the wired controllers. We’re kind of only on Platonic terms with each other now unfortunately but I still play a couple of games with my sister when I am visiting home. She really likes playing Starfox for some reason. We used to play this versus mode on Starfox Assault where you’d take out the other players with various weapons/vehicles that would spawn on the map. The game evidently feels sorry for whoever gets knocked down to their last life first and tries to even the playing field by rewarding them with this big yellow bazooka, destroyer of worlds, with two shots that are instant KOs. She’d usually get it which would send me running for the hills lol. The mechanics in that game were odd though. It was kind of hard to turn around so you’d just keep jumping around maniacally if someone was sniping at you. You had to essentially do 3-point turns to reverse direction in a hallway lol. Apparently one of the Ratchet and Clank games is co-op, so I’ll have to see if she’s interested when I am there for Thanksgiving.

She had a Dance Dance Revolution for Wii too I think, complete with that footpad thing you’d have to tap. And my brother and I would agitate her by crawling up behind her and tapping the wrong buttons to mess the game up until she’d figure it out and start swatting at us :smirk:

What other games do you like to play? I know you’ve mentioned Mario a lot.


Unfortunately that’s not my picture but my world was pretty big. Several major towns miles of roads and tunnels. I miss it .


Yeah, it is a mystery why they don’t have local multiplayer. I suppose for the Wii U it was a product of only being able to have one GamePad, which was essential for playing as it displayed the map and you had to interact with it for certain weapons/items. It seems like something they could have done differently on the Switch, though. Perhaps it’s a limitation of processing power.

I always liked StarFox, but I never played StarFox Assault. Which system was that on? My main experience is with StarFox 64. I still like to throw out “Trust your instincts, Fox” in conversation every now and then. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Sounds like you were good brothers to your sister. :wink:

I do like Mario. Mario Kart, Smash Bros., and the regular platform Mario games are always good. I like many of the other big Nintendo franchises, too: Donkey Kong Country, Kirby, Zelda (of course). I never got into Metroid, though. It was one of the core original NES games that I never actually played, so it was never really on my radar screen. I tend to pick up the Lego videogames when they drop down below $20. They are one of the few types of games my wife will play with me. :smile: She’s too competitive to want to play competitive games with me (because I tend to win). So it’s better for everyone to avoid that. :rofl: I always liked Mega Man, but for some reason they don’t release Mega Man games anymore. I played Mega Man X so many times I used to be able to play it from beginning to end without dying once. How about you, what games do you like?


I’ve actually noticed that a lot of the newer games nowadays don’t have local multiplayer anymore. The cynical part of me says they do that to sell more consoles and copies, since now if you want to play with your friends you can’t just all go to the one house that has the game but you each have to get your own. But who knows.

I do miss the old days of having friends over and playing on one screen. Good times.


I wonder, too, how much of it is supply and demand. Do kids play games together in the same room the way they once did? I feel like there is a larger cultural shift away from activities that require us to actually be with other people in the same room (says the guy in a room by himself talking to other people over the internet 005_embarassed). It’s the whole Bowling Alone phenomenon.


Starfox Assault was on the Gamecube. I think I actually like that Starfox the best. There were a couple of missions that we more open where you could jump in and out of the vehicles to complete various aspects of the mission. They also had Starfox Adventures on the Gamecube, which was basically a Zelda game with Fox as the main character. I think it was heavily criticized for not being a real Starfox game, but I obviously liked it :+1: I was hoping that Starfox Zero would revitalize that series, but unfortunately I don’t think it had that effect.

I remember those Lego games too, my sister used to play them. I think we had Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. The Star Wars one was the best IMO. And, of course, since you can fight the other player instead of the enemies, the levels took twice as long as the should have lol. I was amused in the Indiana Jones one, when she would not let me play as Indy, and then found out later that Indy can’t hurt female partners but the female partners can hurt him. That generated quite a bit of antagonism!

I only had Nintendo when we were growing up too so I played a lot of the same series that you mentioned. Recently I got back into Pokemon again. We weren’t allowed to have handhelds as kids so I didn’t get to experience that phenomenon back then, but I kind of got reinterested in it from the later Smash Bros games where they started adding characters from the later generations. I haven’t played too much Mario over the years, although a couple of years ago I download Super Mario 64 from the Wii Shop Channel and finally got all 120 stars. I had gotten up to 119 way back when, couldn’t find the last secret castle star. One Mario game I still really like is Paper Mario. One of my college friends is obsessed with that game and wants to talk about the skeleton dragon superboss Bonetail from the second one almost every time I see him. Still waiting for them to make a real Paper Mario again, but after 3 strikes I think they might be out lol.


Yeah I miss those days too. My brother and I had two friends that lived across the street and we used to play games with them. Both sets of parents would make us go play outside after a while, and then we’d proceed to obey the letter of the law, but not the spirit of the law, by just roleplaying the games outside lol. We used to trick-or-treat with them and I remember the one year when I was adult OoT Link, my brother was young OoT Link (this was when he thought I was cool and copied almost everything I did, those days aren’t coming back :smile:), and then the two friends were Lugia from Pokemon and Princess Peach.

What titles do you like playing?


I pulled out my DS last night and checked on my Animal Crossing villiage as well as restarted Sun/Moon. Going to keep it with me during some upcoming trips. :sunglasses:

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