Who here likes video games? Anyone?


I kind of have a wide range of games I like honestly. I love most of Nintendo’s stuff. Super Smash Bros, even though yeah it’s pretty mindless and repetitive, is still a favorite of mine. It was something my cousins and I used to always play when we were young and so it has a special place for me. In fact, we’ll still play it when we all get together, even though most of us are in our twenties. :laughing:

The LEGO games are always fun. I also like puzzle/shooter games like Portal or Tomb Raider. And I even like some straight forward FPS games like Halo, though I’m embarrasingly bad at them. Used to like Call of Duty, but when they started releasing a new game every year at 60 bucks a pop I had to quit.

And obviously I love the Zelda games. But I’m ashamed to say, I’ve only played about five of them. Ocarina, Windwaker, Twilight Princess, part of Skyward Sword (for some reason I never finished that one, probably should.) and BOTW. Aren’t there something like fifteen or twenty games in the series? I’d like someday to play them all, but it seems like most of them aren’t playable on any system I own so probably will never happen.


Happy birthday, @SuperLuigi! :birthday: And to your brother, Mario, as well. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Currently I am playing CrossCode. the game is still in early acess, not fully “built” but I am loving every piece of it. Fun characters, amazing gameplay, good humor, fun exploration and world building, everything is just so great.
But I generally love RPG’s so I would recommend
Legend of heroes trails in the sky (If you want the full story you will have to buy 3 games though :/)
Tales of games (Tales of Symphonia, etc.)
Nintendo games are always great, though I don’t have a console to play them on. There is a free mobile game called fire emblem heroes which is great.
If you like stealthy ninja games I recommend Gunpoint and Mark of the Ninja ( though mark of the ninja is a bit brutal and might not be for everybody )
A great short game literally anybody can play and it lasts only 4 hours but has a beautiful story that will make you cry is : "To the moon"
All you do is walk and talk in the game (and sometimes collect things) but its a great story.
Then there is always the highly appreciated Portal 2.
Those are some of my favourite Steam games, but I have a lot more I like.


That sounds like fun, those kinds of games are more fun to play with other people than alone. I used to play Super Smash Bros. Melee with my brother all the time when we were younger. We didn’t feel right fighting “good guys” so we almost always did a team battle against Bowser and Ganondorf, with Mewtwo thrown in as the third if we played alone. Who is your favorite character? Embarrassingly enough, I used to play really well with Princess Peach :sweat_smile: She was kind of a beast in Melee and clearly had the easiest time recovering. I like Lucario a lot in the newer ones (I was one of those rare people that liked the transition from Mewtwo to Lucario). Every once in a while I will play the Wii U/3DS Smash Bros and do a 1 vs. 3 team battle againts 3 level 9 CPUs to relive event 51 from Melee. I was tempted to do a 1 vs. 7 team battle in the Wii U one just for the laughs but never did it.

I never got into FPS games. I had to look up PUBG when you mentioned it earlier. Seems like something that my coworkers would like to play, sometimes even at work lol.

Yeah there’s a bunch and I haven’t played them all either. You need to finish Skyward Sword though. I actually really liked that one and don’t get most of the criticism it got. I think Nintendo really shot themselves in the foot by doing away with the motion controlled Wiimote features with the transition away from the original Wii. It was a lot of fun to just be able to swing the remote around to use the gadgets.


Interesting, I originally bought a PS2 and PS3 because I was interested in the Tales games. We had Symphonia and Vesperia when I was a sophomore in college and had a lot of fun playing them with some other guys with which I shared a dormitory suite. I liked Abyss and Xillia 2 a lot, some of the other ones didn’t have very intriguing storylines but the gameplay was usually fun. The first time I saw your avatar on these forums I thought it was an image of Yuri Lowell from Vesperia haha.


I liked both Brawl and Melee. I played Fox, Zero Suit Samus, and Marth as my mains.


Not cynical, very apt. I remember for some old games I could just share a disc with my brother and play a game together over LAN. They don’t really bother with LAN nowadays as it’s all online, so they can verify copies and make sure each player has their own copy of the game and normally that would be fine, but even with your own copy of the game, they take away so much freedom that most multiplayer games are so very limited in what you can do.


He does kinda look like Yuri yeah. Though I am curious how you menaged to get Vesperia.
I thought Vesperia on the PS3 was Japan exclusive. I played a bit of Abyss but not much since i didnt own it.
I only have Symphonia right now because my computer is not the best and thats the only older tales game on steam.
I would say Symphonia for me is definitely cliche in many parts. But the gameplay always makes it great I agree.


Oh interesting, I never really played well as Zero Suit Samus for some reason. I liked Fox a lot too although I think I preferred Wolf out of the 3 of them in Brawl. It was kind of surprising they put him into Brawl, but then they took him out of 3DS/Wii U. Link was pretty good in Smash Bros. too, although I miss having Young Link from Melee over Toon Link.


That’s right, I had forgotten Symphonia has a remake for Steam now. We had the original GameCube version and then I eventually got the HD PS3 remake.

One of my suitemates that year had an XBox 360 so we played Vesperia on that, and my sister has an XBox 360 at my parents’ house so she is currently in possession of that game. I actually did import a copy of the Japanese PS3 version, since PS3s oddly enough are not region-protected like most consoles. It’s kind of a shame they never localized that remake because it contains a decent amount of added content over the XBox 360 version. They were some additions to the main story, a new post-game dungeon, a team-mode for the coliseum, a snowboarding minigame for Repede, the overlimit gauge goes up to 8 instead of 4, Flynn eventually joins the party permanently and there was an additional brand new party member, Patty. I think I liked Vesperia’s gameplay the best, despite not being terribly impressed with the story. I used to play as Repede and two other friends played as Rita and Raven.


I liked Roy in Melee. I think I just liked getting the crowd to chant “Roy! Roy! Roy!” :smile: I was disappointed he didn’t make Brawl, but happy to have him back in the Wii U version. But then I ended up using Dark Pit the most in the new one. I tend to switch characters a lot, though.


Peach is awesome, there’s no shame! :smile: I always get a laugh when I play her against some tank like Bowser or Ganondorf. It’s just so entertaining to see this little fragile princess kicking a big brawny character around like a soccer ball.

It’s hard for me to say what my favorite character is. Captain Falcon or Meta Knight are usually my go to’s. But the Wii U added a new character named Robin and I’ve been playing as him/her lately, just because I like hearing my name when I win lol.

I think I will. I’ve been planning on replaying the Zelda games ever since I finished Breath of the Wild. I have heard that Skyward Sword has a good story. Isn’t it the origin story of the Master Sword or something? I remember reading it was supposed to be the “first” Zelda game chronologically, but not gonna lie the Zelda timeline has always befuddled me.


I loved Skyward Sword. I enjoyed the story a lot. It is supposed to be the first game chronologically, though I don’t think continuity is the first thing on the game developers mind. They sort of just take each game on its own. :smile: I have the Hyrule Historia book which has a nice timeline. But even after that I’m still a bit confused. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m finally making some forward progress in Breath of the Wild. I took on Death Mountain and have done almost 60 shrines, so I suppose I’m a bout half way through.


I never really played too much as Roy or Marth. I remember thinking that Marth was female as a child though, I don’t think I was the only one who was confused. My brother and I used to like trying to mimic Marth and Roy’s victory quotes however lol.

One thing I missed from 3DS/Wii U was something akin to the Adventure Mode in Melee or Subspace Emissary in Brawl. I actually liked the concept of a platforming game with Smash Bros-style gameplay a lot. The Subspace Emissary mode was goofy to be sure, but it was a lot of fun. I remember getting to Tabuu and seeing you get six lives and thinking “oh this will be easy”. Fail.

They didn’t really have that in 3DS/Wii U. IIRC, the Wii U version had that board game mode that I wasn’t terribly impressed with. The 3DS version actually had a lot of divergent content, and instead of Smash Tour they had a different mode whose name I am forgetting. Basically it put you in a large map with a detailed network of underground areas and you’d fight ordinary non-Smash enemies like in Subspace Emissary and they would drop these stickers that would increase your stats. This would go on for 5 minutes at which point you’d do a 1 stock battle against the other players. I kind of wanted this mode to go on for more than 5 minutes and just only be the part where you fight the non-Smash enemies. Those Twilight Princess Darknuts are rather difficult; I always feel accomplished beating one of them, only after accumulating so much damage that he bounces me between the ceiling and floor at least 5 times per hit. :confounded:


Yes it is, I used to be able to handily beat Giga Bowser, Ganondorf, and Mewtwo in Event 51 with Peach. It’s weird, when Joe mentioned Roy I thought about how I actually like Robin from 3DS/Wii U. I couldn’t remember his name though, and so had to look it up. He was just “that mage guy from Fire Emblem”. I was actually going to try to make some clever comment about how @RobynP must like playing as Robin, but you took the wind out of my sails :grin:

Yeah it is supposed to be the first in the Zelda universe timeline. That one may actually be my favorite. And yeah I don’t understand the timeline either. BotW makes it even more confusing due to having references to WW and TP, which should be impossible I would think. I think I was first very confused by the timeline when I first played Twilight Princess and was like “but what happened to all the water that was supposedly permanently covering everything?” I noticed you didn’t have Majora’s Mask or Link to the Past on your list, I think you can download both from the Nintendo eShop.


I love my snes still, I actually just got some Bluetooth controllers for it, which makes it 10x more awesome. Link to the past never gets old. I hardly ever play my PS4 anymore, but that new South Park game looks good, the call of duty ww2 looks tempting since there hasn’t been a ww game out in ages but it’s hard for me to get into those anymore.


I used to love video games, but I’ve realized that they are basically spiritual poison (as is basically all secular entertainment.)

I’ve pretty much quit playing games :100:%. Waste of time, life, skills, and, most importantly, ones soul.


I don’t know about this feeling.

I have a full time job, a wife, studying towards an additional degree. Playing a game on my PS4 here and there in between can be fun and relaxing.


Yes, I did enjoy the sub space emissary mode and was sad there wasn’t something like it for the Wii U version. I did enjoy making my own courses, though.


Ha! Great minds think alike I guess. :laughing:

Yeah I noticed those references. I wonder if maybe it’s just so far in the future that all the timelines like, converge or something? That seems like the only explanation. Though I think Joe is right when he says the game developers are probably not all that concerned with continuity. Maybe they just wanted to put in easter eggs and figured it would also be fun to mess with us nerds.

Whoa wait what? Marth is a guy!?! All this time I thought Marth was just short for Martha :rofl:

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