Who here likes video games? Anyone?


Been Playing Fallout New Vegas. Great game by Bethesda. full of bugs however. IU love games that can be modded.


I agree that games that glorify murder should probably be avoided, but not games that simply have murder in them. Just as you wouldn’t read a book that glorifies murder, but would read a book with murder in it, like the Bible.

Edit: When I play Call of Duty, I’m not entertained by killing, knifing, and shooting. I’m entertained by the skill it takes hitting targets successfully, avoiding detection, working with team members, accomplishing challenges. It’s just a game. I wouldn’t mind if the graphics were robots instead of human beings, because killing isn’t what is fun about the game. Also like it was mentioned, it’s a war game, so I imagine I am protecting the innocent from malicious evil doers. It’s games like Grand Theft Auto that I think are immoral to play.


I think aslong as you understand the difference between reality and computer games i don’t think there is an issue. However there are some games that has sex and nudity in them.


Assassin’s Creed Origins for me at the moment. Gives a great historical perspective for that time!


I don’t quite agree that far, but I too have cut video games out. Especially those like GTA, and Doom, GTA for it’s sexual content, blasphemies and vulgarity and Doom because it’s based around fighting monsters from hell, so to make it look hellish they put in Pentagrams and I don’t know enough about Satanism to know what’s nothing or what’s something, so id rather just stay right away from it. (I never purchased those kind of games and do not ever intend to)

The other games I play, I don’t consider detrimental, racing games I think are fine, and other shooting games I think are fine too, I see it as equivalent to paint ball or laser tag kind of enjoyment.

Thank you, I’ve been thinking about it and I believe I have cut out games that cross the line no matter how enjoyable they look or might have been otherwise.

God Bless You

Thank you for reading.


Spent most of the time manslaughter and marooning little green man through rockets and explosions

AKA Kerbal Space Program.

I actually play too much that I was thinking how eucharist will be conduct in orbit, and how much delta-V is required to send a bunch of consecrated host into Orbit, and whether to do it through cargo rockets or man-rated rockets…


I don’t think all games are bad but some of them definitely are too much. Obviously we can’t play games with a lot of graphic violence or nudity, but another factor is length. Some games are just too long to fit into the average person’s life. I think it’s fine if someone chooses to play a game as a hobby, but it’s easy to get hooked playing more and more constantly updated online games and never have time for anything else.

I used to play a lot of those, but these days I stick to playing classic single player games. I like being able to start and stop whenever I want and not having to keep up with special events or updates to a game. I can just play at my own pace and prioritize the things that are more important to me like friends and family. Right now I am playing Baldur’s Gate II. I started with the first game during the summer. Now I am halfway through the second game, but I am in no rush. I will finish the game whenever I get there.


Yes this is a problem these days, not so when a teenager.



I still love to play my old NES and GameCube games




Nintendo and PC guy here. Really enjoying Steamworld Dig 2, currently.

I’ve been thinking about trying to track down an SNES Classic this month, if they’re sending out new shipments for the holidays. Gotta play that Star Fox 2!


I’m thinking of buying the first Resident Evil re-mastered version for the Xbox.

I never liked zombie films but that game was great.


RE1 (well, it’s remake) is the only one in the series I really got into, personally. 4 was alright-- well made to be sure-- but not really my style. I don’t remember much of 2 or 3. 5 and 6… just no. :stuck_out_tongue: And I didn’t like 7 at all.


With a username like @Arwing, I’d have never pegged you for a Star Fox fan. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There was a new mario party for the 3ds release not to long ago. I love mario party, but reviews say this one is average at best. It’s call the Top 100 and it supposedly takes the best mini games from prior mario party titles. Which isn’t a bad idea in theory but only 100 seems like a low number to draw from. But from what I read they don’t have a standard game board mode, which is a shame since thats what i like in mario party. I really wish they would go back to basics and i hope that if they are working on a mario party for the switch, that they will do that. Also, I can’t believe that no one made a rom hack for mario party yet


That’s just Nintendo being Nintendo. They always change things every game, but it’s hit and miss. Sometimes the game ends up really fun and sometimes it ends up bad. Nintendo are one of the true artists of the video game world. It’s worked out so far, and I hope it continues because they make good games for the whole family.


I enjoyed 1 and 2 and then my new puppy chewed up my controllers. I haven’t played them since.




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