Who here likes video games? Anyone?


I never knew how similar the two were. Thanks for showing. I’m going to make a meme out of it.


“Don’t go to parties. Just do economic development.”

wut? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Wow, this is condescending. You know people who play video games can lead full, rich lives, right? Of course, some people get dangerously obsessed and spend their whole lives in front of the computer, but plenty of people just play occasionally as a harmless hobby.


Take my comments out of context. And also only take very brief excerpts.



Dude, just admit you were being a little smug and move on. I didn’t misrepresent what you said.


Judge not.


Were you in the military?



Got the game I ordered in the mail a couple days early, but not quite early enough to beat out Lent.

…Actually, there’ll be another Kirby game (on the Switch!) out by Easter… :smiley:


I’m looking forward to that one. It’s neat that it will allow for 4 player co-op. My daughter and her cousins will have lots of fun with that one. I’m not going to lie, I will have lots of fun with it, too. :smile:

My wife just picked up Star Fox Zero for me. It was on clearance at Toys R Us for about $17.


Lifelong gamer, from the NES to the X-Box One. I’m currently playing Monster Hunter World, Divinity: Original Sin, and Mario Odyssey.


If only you had more “real life” experience, like Monte. Then you’d know that video games are a silly waste of time.

But really, no sympathy for a British soldier. You guys got to drink, after all. :grin:


I played EUIV and tried to stop the protestant reformation.


I don’t know anything about video games, but do things like PS Vita and DS count as video games? My nephew plays these.


I don’t know if anyone here is big on the original Shadow of the Colossus, but the PS4 remake looks amazing. I’m not one who cares about things like framerate, but even I admit the framerate on the PS2 was terrible (because it was pushing the hardware to its absolute limit).

Anyway the makers have so far added two easter eggs to the game:

1. There is a cave which contains one of the glowing barrels from The Last Guardian.
2. There is a collectible that when you get all of them an opening in the main shrine where you get The Sword of Dormin.

I was hoping they would someone add an extra colossus or two, but so far nothing like that has been found.


Video games are the modern equivalent of “reel life”.

Deliberate self-deception.

And even worse … believing that the self-deception is reality.


I don’t think anyone believes video games are reality. We have found ways to take breaks from “reality” as long as we have been human. There’s nothing inherently worse about video games than other leisure activities, unless one subscribes to the philosophy that every single activity out there has to have some purpose beyond simple enjoyment.

Sometimes reality is really depressing, and it’s nice to have a few hours away from that to recharge.


We’ve all come across parents who would rather “hand their children over” to technology instead of facing the responsibility of disciplining them and showing them the proper way of how things are done.

More and more children are sitting with their heads buried in their smartphones or iPads, playing violent video games, or enrolled in the “virtual” world, rather than socializing with their peers and engaging in real live interactions.

As a result, there is a new generation of spoiled kids who are trapped in their own fantasy and think that the whole world is spinning around them. In the past children were taught to respect and to have discipline our modern system continually fails them in this aspect, and that is why we are faced with such terrifying effects.


You keep alluding to people who are dangerously obsessed with video games and play them for hours and hours on end, and pointing out that it’s a bad thing to live your life in front of a screen.

No one here disagrees. Most of the people here, hopefully, play video games occasionally as a hobby. No one is advocating building your life around video games.

I’m just not sure who or what you’re responding to.


I just finished beating Tom Clancy’s Wildlands. That was a fun game.


I really need to start playing Minecraft again :confused:

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