Who here likes video games? Anyone?


New Vegas New Vegas New Vegas New Vegas

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I’ve got that one waiting for me when I finish 3. I know so many who say it’s the best one, so I can’t wait!



Yeah, same. I haven’t really gotten around to New Vegas yet either, but I really like the first two Fallout games.



I’m into flight sims. One I like very much is DCS: A-10C Warthog. Very, very realistic. Just like the real A-10. Here is a tutorial on engine start-up.

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It’s coming this year…



Hehe it starts the same way as the crj. Oh what it’s the same engine. I’m currently waiting for ace combat 7 to come out. It’s been delayed for almost 2 years.



They brought Snake back, already awesome in my book. Plus I’ve just been waiting to finally play SSB on the Switch.

Also, Ridley. :o

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I see you didn’t like lost planet 3



Nah. Lost Planet 2 is better! All hail NEVEC!



You like that top down turn-based strategy type game i see. Your old school man.

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Anyone plays Roblox? Id on’t have an account yet, but planning to.

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o/ (if you’re not familiar with this, it’s an emote of a person raising his hand!)

Video games are awesome for recreation. I especially love to play them after a tiring day at school. Currently, I’m mainly playing Overwatch.

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My brother is an addict to that game, especially Phantom Forces. I have an account too but I spend to much time here on CAF.



I like to play them recreationally too.



Lately, I’ve been playing some Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games like Alien Soldier, Gunstar Heroes and Sonic 3. Also playing Resident Evil 2 for the first time on my PS Vita (and probably going to get RE4, a game I was never really into before, on the Steam sale). I don’t like it nearly as much as the remake of the first game (for GameCube), but it’s still really enjoyable so far.

Aside from Smash Bros., I’m looking forward mainly to the new Spider-Man game in a few months. Everything I’ve seen on it looks great.



Been playing Firefighters 2014,hard game. First couple of times, caused a firetruck to flip over on sharp turns doing 120



Been laying Fifa 17 for about six months now or maybe more. When 18 came out at £55, 17 was reduced to £3.99.



Anyone know how to fix my joycon grip on my nintendo switch? I accidently dropped it on a trip on a cruise ship and one of the joycons isn’t staying in when i slide it in.



I actually don’t play video games often. If I still had PSPlus, I’d be up to play Overwatch though. That was a really fun game :slight_smile:



I’ve been replaying through the latest Shadowrun trilogy (Returns, Dragonfall, and Hong Kong). I just finished my first play through of Returns on Hard. It was actually a lot easier than expected. Even the final level was a near pushover as a mage with Aim III, since it gets rid of the main point of challenge - landing three hits before the enemy resurrects. Still, it’s a fun game if not simple and a little broken compared to the other two. Now it’s time to start Dragonfall again, where I’m sure to love almost every minute of it, minus the screaming at the computer because I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU MISSED THREE 96% SHOTS IN A ROW!!!

You should contact Nintendo. You’ll probably have to send it in or get a new joycon, depending on the nature of the damage.


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