Who here likes video games? Anyone?


I forgot what I had already done in a dungeon in LoZ Oracle of Seasons, so now I can’t use the Zelda Dungeon guide.



Tekken and Mortal Kombat are my favorite fighting games and including Dragon Ball Z Budokai games on the Ps2 .



That is funny, my son (28) just picked up a used Xbox 360 and we are playing Halo series all the way through…just got through with the Library…we do one level a night…picked up Halo 2 Halo 3 Halo Reach and ODST…

I remember buying the Xbox for them Christmas 2001 when they were 11 and 12…and had no idea what Halo was but bought it as a first game…been hooked ever since…many a great family game night had…

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I hated that level. I somehow got lost during it and had to restart the level the first time I played through it.

I just remembered- I think that I called my friend at midnight to help me get through 343 Guilty Spark (I was probably 11 at the time). I went through the phone book and called him up. I don’t think his parents were too happy :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t get an Xbox until 2011, I think. I was stuck playing the Halo 1 demo on the PC for a long time and thought that, if I beat the demo level on Legendary, I would get to play the next level :rofl: Then I got a Mac and started modding the game until I got that Xbox (I wasn’t very good at that).

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It is a long level…but the two Betrayals are next, and they are BRUTAL!

And of course my son Aaron has to have it on Legendary…I got wrist cramps!



I used to play on normal every time- now I’ve coached myself to start at Heroic :smirk:



I always like Pong, and played it at the local bowling alley in my misspent youth.

Of course, it has changed a lot, I saw the ads on tV for “Game of War”. In spite of the ads, I’m not sure if I really believe Ms. Upton is a gamer.



Pretty cool. In every Zelda game, there is always those one or two heart pieces that I could never seem to find.

You’re making me feel old, though. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Ocarina of Time came out when I was in college. Majora’s Mask came out after I had already graduated.

That’s probably why I never played through them multiple times.

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Rome Total War II, Age of Empires and the old Nintendo games. I mix the old with the new.



I played botw. i wonder if anyone feels the shrines seem to be copy pasted?



We finished it tonight on Legendary…man I want to get a copy of the original and not this remastered one…did not care for it…glitches and other issues…



I feel like Attila is a much better version of Rome II.

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Also played Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 a few days ago,caused a car to flip over on the test track and had to restart.



I think that you’re right and the storyline is better too.



I have greatly enjoyed playing BOTW. The open world concept, the ability to climb and jump and go anywhere, the thousands of little details in the terrain, etc.

But I will say, that my one major criticism of the game is the dungeon/shrine aspect. I mean, I understand why they went that direction. I don’t really feel cheated out of content per se. I mean, between the 4 divine beasts and the 120 shrines, that—I have no doubt—includes far more content than the cumulative total of dungeons in any other Zelda game.

And I understand why the shrines all have the same look and feel. It’s because they are all “shrines”. But I do miss the variety within the dungeons. Again, I understand that they more or less put the variety in the larger world itself (and there is loads of variety there). But I do kind of miss it. I just look at it as there being room to improve for the next Zelda game. :slight_smile:

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I was torn on them. The puzzles in a lot are really interesting and bring out the fun that puzzle solving in past Zelda games offered. However, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of them giving us 100+ bite-sized tastes of dungeons rather than giving us a few fuller ones. It felt a bit more like the puzzles for getting heart pieces in other Zelda games just clearly marked as “HEY, HERE’S A PUZZLE!!! DO YOU SEE IT!!! DO YOU HEAR THE BEEP!!!” Even the Divine Beasts feel underdeveloped.

Personally, I wish they went the Link Between Worlds route and gave us full dungeons while letting us tackle them in an open fashion, maybe even introducing a bit of Megaman in how certain dungeons are easier/harder depending on those you complete. I get that, in a world the size of Breath of the Wild, that can create issues with spreading content too thin, but I think they could have better utilized that world for puzzle solving rather than putting all the interesting puzzles inside clearly-marked shrines.

This isn’t to say I hate Breath of the Wild. I actually like it a lot. However, if they’re going to move away from the standard formula, I hope that they continue tweaking this one. I don’t think this was anywhere near as good as an open-world Zelda game could be.



Good thoughts. I feel like they put in the (900!) little Koroks in an attempt to bring that puzzle aspect into the larger world. It at least provides something to discover in almost every inch of the map (something I feel was lacking certain previous games, like Twilight Princess).

With the divine beasts, I was a bit surprised there weren’t more enemies inside beyond the black goo. So, yeah, I agree they could have been developed more. Plus, as with the shrines, they all effectively looked the same. From a story perspective, I understand why that is. But it would have been nice to see a bit more.

Considering Breath of the Wild is now the top selling Zelda game in the series, I imagine that many of the changes in the familiar formula will remain in the next game. I’m sure they will tweak it, though.



Definitely agree with @ZMystiCat’s and your evaluation of BotW. I did actually like the shrines a lot since I enjoy solving the puzzles, but not at the expense of the main dungeons though, by which I was underwhelmed. In addition to having more than four dungeons the dungeons should have also been longer. The Zora Divine Beast was the first one I completed, and I was stuck for a decent amount of time because I somehow missed that you could control the dungeon with the Sheikah Slate, however I was expecting that activating all the terminals was just part one of the dungeon experience. I was a little surprised to find out that it was already time for the boss :neutral_face: I was hoping that the Divine Beasts would just be the first set of dungeons and that there would be another round, like they tend to do with all other Zeldas (child vs adult in OoT, Fused Shadow vs Mirror in TP, orb vs sword awakening in WW, etc), but that never happened.

On another note, you mentioning A Link to the Past reminded me to check the Virtual Console. I had been looking for The Minish Cap on my 3DS, which I have never played, but then learned it is actually on the Wii U Virtual Console, so I downloaded that this past weekend. It really seems like it should have been on the 3DS instead, I don’t know why Nintendo is trying to hide it. Three cheers for being stuck in the 3rd dungeon! :ok_man:

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I check on that every once in a while since I got reinterested in Pokemon again within the last few years, but haven’t looked recently. TBH though I hope that they do more spinoff titles instead of more main entries with 100 more additional Pokemon. Kind of would like to see another entry in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series for generation 7.



While Skyrim on Nintendo switch seems to have lots more to do and seems to have atmospheric music,compared to botw,which doesn’t seem to have much music.

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