Who here likes video games? Anyone?


Has anyone checked out We Happy Few, which got released in full this week? I don’t have the time to invest in playing something like that, but I watched a playthrough and was definitely moved.


I’m currently playing Sonic Mania. I’m absolutely loving it. It does a good job of bringing 2D Sonic into the modern day - better than Sonic Generations I feel.

I like that Skyrim focused more on giving a base experience that could be expanded through player freedom and modding. Sure, it makes the base game bland, but the final experience gave me a lot more enjoyment than either Morrowind or Oblivion.

I played the first game and liked it. It wasn’t as smart as it tried to be, but I thought it did a decent job of providing an experience that felt like a really adult-oriented fairy tale. Geralt even calls it a fairy tale depending on choices you make in Chapter 3.

I absolutely hated the second game, though. It tried way too hard to be dark and edgy, had absolutely no sense of pacing, had a horrible combat system, and was all around just a nonsensically designed game from a system’s standpoint. (The first game was simple, but it at least had some thought put into it.)

Unfortunately, my experience with the second game really has put me off wanting to get into the third game. I know everyone calls it a masterpiece, but they were saying the same about the second game when it came out.

I got really excited for that game when it first revealed. It looked like an decent survival game set in a Bioshock-inspired world.

By now, though, I didn’t even realize that it was released. It’s a bit weird since I was constantly checking for updates a few years ago. However, as time dragged on and as more criticism from early players rolled in, it seemed to not be able to lift itself beyond being a mostly standard survival game. The mixed reviews seem to indicate that it never really developed beyond that.


I’d have had a look at it. Like you I don’t have the time to invest in open world or long form games so much any more but this at least looks interesting. A definite The Prisoner meets a dark take on the 60’s.


Good call on shades of The Prisoner (although the last scene isn’t yourself wearing a monkey mask :smiley: ) There is also a very strong Brave New World thing going on, with everyone constantly on drugs to wipe out any possible unpleasant moments. Like @ZMystiCat mentioned the reviews have been mixed. As someone who only watched a playthrough I was spared some of the tedium that the gameplay seems to have and focus more on the story.

As far as games I’m eager to play, I am super excited for the Cuphead DLC to come out next year. I’m curious to see Vane (made by some of the crew that worked on The Last Guardian) whenever that eventually gets released. And supposedly Playdead, the developers of the great Limbo and Inside, have something in the works


I find less and less new games interest me. Perhaps it’s age or becoming jaded or having seen things go around so many times in a cycle. Also, whilst there’s no point in looking backwards towards the new dead million seller games made in bedroom or by a small team the whole market has become saturated with games whose development cycles are often lengthy and the results mediocre. I suspect I’ve become simply somewhat burned out by playing far too many games over the years and outgrown the hobby somewhat.


I go through times like that.

In truth, I stick to a few core games. I’m not well versed in the ‘new things’ because they’re often disappointing.


I’ve been known to play some Mario, Minecraft, and occasionally Pokemon lol


As far as new games goes this year is kind of weak, IMO.

Into the Breach and Monster Hunter World are the only two 2018 releases I’ve even played yet. I’m pretty excited for Spider-Man next month and Smash Bros in December though.

Playing the original Paper Mario game on my Wii U for the first time. It’s pretty good so far.


As to Marvel games, I’d love to see someone do an adaption of Marvel properties that was done in the spirit of Stan and Jack at the height of their powers, I’m not sure how you’d pull it off. However, if it could capture even a small part of the bananas and crazy inspired lunacy of Kirby’s visions at their finest it would be interesting. The New Gods saga he did over at DC might make for an interesting game if approached using his original plan which was for it to have a very definite ending and for Darkseid not to be used endlessly as he was as time went on.


Not for ps4 owners, god of war, red dead 2, Spider-Man


God of War! I still haven’t played that but what I’ve seen is pretty slick so far and FAR different from the other versions of the game (gameplay wise)


Bumping this thread before it is closed. We only have ~50 posts left until it’s closed at the 1K limit. I know we can do it guys :slightly_smiling_face:

I ordered Pokemon Ultra Sun last week but it has not arrived yet. For whatever reason Pokemon has calmed me down in the past so I am looking forward to its arrival. I have not played a 3D main-series Pokemon game yet so we’ll see how that matches up to the earlier versions (Diamond being the last one I had). The Sun mascot looked more interesting to me than the Moon one so I opted for Ultra Sun.


Very few… but I do like Angry Birds Rio and Cookie Cats Pop.


I do…although I primarily play time management/puzzle/WordswithFriends type apps. We also don’t have console type games in our house. I also really enjoy reading, crochet and “grown up coloring”, which I find really relaxing. And, obviously, social media. It’s all good, LOL :slight_smile:


I recently got done playing through South Park: The Fractured but Whole, and yes, a title-relevant joke does appear in the game. It is a bit more reliant on toilet humor than the first game, which I felt got old quickly, but it is also way less reliant on self-referential jokes, which makes the humor overall stronger in my opinion. I absolutely love how they implemented the standard RPG character sheet into South Park’s usual humor surrounding identity politics. I sort of wish they hadn’t changed the combat system so much, even if it made for more interesting boss fights.

Now I’m playing Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle and am nearing the end of the second world. It definitely feels like a faithful Mario adaptation of turn-based tactical games like XCom or Shadowrun, for better and for worse. I’ll wait until I beat it before offering a final judgment, but overall, I’m enjoying it, even if it so far has felt a bit too easy.


You know, it took me an embarrassingly long time to catch on to the word play in the South Park game’s title.

Still not as long as it took me to catch on to Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest = Diddy’s Conquest. Someone just pointed that out to me a few weeks ago. Only took nearly 25 years. :flushed:

I’m curious to hear your impressions of Mario + Rabbids once you are done with it.


I’m playing Mario & Luigi partners in time for the 3DS right now. It’s a great game, and reminds me of Mario RPG for snes. Although, I’m not a fan of the gimmicky use of the touch screen and gyroscopics. I’m pretty excited for spider man that comes out this week on the ps4.


Apparently, it wasn’t going to be subtle originally, but Ubisoft told Trey and Matt that they needed to change the title due to concerns about retailers not allowing the game on their shelves. Personally, I like the name change, though the joke did need to be pointed out to be. Granted, I definitely would have gotten it when the joke came up in the game.

I used to mentally place the " 's " on “Kong” rather than “Diddy”, which prevented me from getting the joke when I first heard of it.



I was just thinking of playing FF8 again sometime, I think I have a digital copy of it for my Vita. The game never quite clicked with me when I first played it years ago, despite there being so many things about it that intrigued me. Superb music too – some of the best in the series, which is saying a lot.

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