Who here likes video games? Anyone?


We are getting old :slight_smile: For me even now loading games of a hard drive is amazing when I think that when I first started gaming I was using audio cassette tapes to load games and it often took 15 to 20 minutes for a game to load. Plus, if the game hit a problem loading on many machines you had to start all over.


If God played Tetris:


That’s pretty intense!


Red dead redemption 2 looks great, but I cannot put down Spider-Man for the life of me. I almost wish they would’ve spaced these releases further apart. I still haven’t finished God of War either


I really hate it when video games replace minor characters and the main characters that do appear in every game don’t really have any depth. The silent protaganist bothers me too.


Y’all would hate Nethack.



This thread must stay alive!


Hmm, there’s a Splatoon 2 Halloween even this weekend, I guess I’ll have to get that Switch online subscription.


Yes, it’s a two day Splatfest extraordinaire. :slight_smile:

I signed up for the online day one. The call of Splatoon 2 is too hard to resist…


Keeping things going. I finished Spider-Man and started a new playthrough. But all I want to do is swing around and take pictures. :joy:


Perhaps it’s not the most “Catholic” game out there, but anyone here get/plan on getting red dead redemption 2?

The first game had its moments, but was ultimately a bit “meh” in my opinion. I’ll wait and see for this next one, before deciding whether or not I’ll buy it.


As for Spider-Man, honestly I’ve barely played it. Not really feeling the combat at all.

Smash Bros approaches, six weeks left!


I actually really liked Red Dead Redemption. Particularly the kind of bittersweet quality to some of the events and the plot. It did have some plot moments I thought worked better than others but overall I felt it was a pretty good game. I’m interested in Cyberpunk 2077 by projeckt red, although that is definitely not ‘Catholic’.


Been playing Circle of the Moon for the past year. Barely play but I’m finally at the end for the first time since I was a teenager.castlevania__circle_of_the_moon_japon


Yeah, I did like a lot of the story, although gameplay wise I found it underwhelming. Might be just that I’m not usually a fan of Rockstar’s games.

Cyberpunk looks like something I’ll keep an eye on. I don’t care for the Witcher games much but this being in first person, and the setting, work in its favor for me.


Never played that one, I do love Aria of Sorrow though.


I’m a big Castlevania fan, and Aria of Sorrow is far and away my favorite Castlevania game. I can’t count the number of times I’ve play it…


Here is a clever edit of Super Smash Bros. footage from today’s Nintendo Direct (and some other Smash Bros. footage thrown in) with the audio taken from the Avengers: Infinity War trailer.


Best Castlevania is Simon’s Quest. You think I kid, but I really think this.


Initially I thought that it was the meme, but this actually works a lot better.

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