Who here likes video games? Anyone?


I have a hard time with it but it’s the first one I played.


I enjoy that one for what it is, but I find it to be the weakest of the NES trilogy, if only for teh excessive back and forth that’s required, and the lack of any clear indication of what needs to happen to progress through certain areas.


Yeah, I spoke too soon. There’s just something about the mood of that game where I didn’t mind the hours of cryptic wandering and incredibly weak final battle. It’s the first game that I recall having multiple endings on the NES.

However, the first one, though difficult was incredible, and I remember 3 being great…but I didn’t own that one. And lest I forget Castlevania IV on the SNES…oh my goodness that may be the best out of the original four.

Do any of you remember Castlevania VS.? It was an arcade machine often found at Showbiz/Chuck E Cheese. The VS series has some original NES games that you could waste quarters on…even if you owned it at home!


I never played any of the VS games. Aria of Sorrow as actually my first proper introductino to the series, and I fell in love. I plan to work my way through all of them. I’ve played:

Simon’s Quest (currently playing)
Rondo of Blood (Dracula X)
Harmony of Dissonance (Can’t remember if i ever beat it)
Aria of Sorrow
Dawn of Sorrow
Curse of Darkness
Portrait of Ruin
Judgment (Man was that awful, but I still played a bunch of it)
Order of Ecclesia
Lords of Shadows
Lords of Shadows: Mirrors of Fate
Lords of Shadow 2

I also started Curse of the Moon and Harmony of Dissonance. The only truly classic game I’m missing and really want is Symphony of the Night, but it’s not on any modern platform I own and have set up. I wish they’d port the 360 re-release to the xbone…

I am also eagerly anticipating Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, and absolutely loved Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon. (If you haven’t played that, play it. It’s amazing, and only $10. It’s an offshoot they made as one of the stretch goals from the Ritual of the Night Kickstarter, and it is just brilliant.)

So… yeah… I’m a fan XD Something about the gameplay just speaks to me.


Don’t play Castlevania 64 unless you want to score mortification points.


I’m going to get to it eventually.

I actually think I rented it once, I remember some super crappy basement where I was attacked by rats…

I may be remembering Curse of Darkness which, regardless of how much I enjoyed it, was not a good game…

I’m serious about playing through every game… we’ll see if it actually happens.


I did that with Zelda games up until a the latest one (console not handheld). I hope to get a Switch and rectify that sometime soon. I also want RDR 2…so that’s another system to buy :/. I’m busy investing my funds in diapers and other things.

Regarding Castlevania, truth be told, I haven’t played Symphony of the Night or any in that line of games. Just the old school whip platformers.


Breath of the Wild is amazing. You’re in for a treat. I want to play RDR2, but am still working on the first one, very… very…very slowly. Right now the only game I’m really playing is AC: Odyssey. It’s the first AC game I’ve played since I tried to play III. I’m loving it, but only get a few hours a week to play.

I too have a young child, so I know what you mean about the money and time going elsewhere.


I really can’t wait. In the meantime, I’m replaying Twilight Princess here and there. I hear they revamped the standard Zelday dungeon aspect…does this affect the game in a negative way?

The last time that I played Red Dead, I got 100% completion on both the main game and the Halloween zombie add-on…I was a stay at home dad at the time, so that helped :stuck_out_tongue:


The change to the dungeons affect the game, and whether that’s positive or negative kinda comes down to you.

There are four real “dungeons”, five with the dlc that I haven’t played yet, and then 100 mini dungeons. Personally, I found the main dungeons to be fun, but kinda lacking in comparison to past dungeons. Due to the story, there’s a bit of sameness to them. It’s not really something that bothered me while playing, only in reflection. Even with that, it doesn’t really matter, they’re excellent, inventive, and oh so fun.

The mini dungeons are really great, imo. They’re fun little tests of ability and thinking. Apart from a couple of them that were just frustrating, they’re a welcome reprieve, and hunting them down is a lot of fun.

The game really shines in the exploration though. The world, the whole world, is open to you, and that is both daunting and exciting. Just exploring the world is… I can’t describe it. It captured this feeling I’ve been hunting since I was a child… I really cannot explain the sense of joy this game gave me, even in its most frustrating moments. Add to that the fact that, as a long time Zelda fan, I know a lot of the lore and history, there were a ton of little (and not so little) callbacks that added to the age of the world, to its sense of history…

Seriously, it’s amazing.

I keep trying to get into RDR, but keep getting distracted. I want to play it, but other stuff keeps taking my attention…


SOTN is a good game, I imagine I would have been blown away if I played it when it was first released. One thing I think is truly amazing about it is the music, which you’ve likely heard at some point. Always a highlight in Castlevania but it’s at its peak here I think.


Anyone heard of or downloaded this?


Fallout 76 is coming out soon.


I can’t roll my eyes hard enough at stunts like this.


And it can stay on the shelf. That is not Fallout as far as I’m concerned, I bought Fallout 4 but after over 2 years I’ve barely played more than a handful of hours, Fallout:New Vegas was the last thing to use the Fallout brand that felt like it was part of that franchise for me.


I don’t think I’d like Fallout 76 (since it’s such a drastic change), but I loved Fallout 4 for its technological advances. NV was OK, but 3 was way better.


Lifelong gamer here. Strategies, RPGs and car rallies mostly (ordinary racing also but less so).


We will have to differ there, New Vegas had far better worked out factions and the game had a definite ‘stop point’ to the plot and came to a conclusion eventually. Of course you could delay that indefinitely if you wished but the open world aspect can if pushed to far actually prove limiting I think as much as liberating.


This is the most offensive thing I’ve ever seen on CAF. How DARE YOU.


I’ll admit that New Vegas generally had far better DLC (operation Anchorage from 3 was pretty great) and a better faction system, I just wasn’t all that interested in the main quest. That’s what really matters to me.

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